SFL appraisal analysis and ideology realization in news texts


Here are papers from Scopus indexed journals across Q1 to Q4 related to SFL appraisal analysis and ideology realization in news texts:

1. **Arguments for an appraisal linguistic discourse approach to the analysis of ‘objectivity’ in ‘hard’ news reports** by Collen Sabao (2016) explores how Appraisal Theory provides alternative ways of analyzing 'objectivity' and ideological bias in 'hard' news reports, using examples from Zimbabwean newspapers. [(Sabao, 2016)](https://consensus.app/papers/arguments-appraisal-discourse-approach-analysis-sabao/cae088d587c754d6ba342697dde41ce1/?utm_source=chatgpt).

2. **Sentiment analysis of online news text: a case study of appraisal theory** by Christopher S. G. Khoo, Armineh Nourbakhsh, and Jin-Cheon Na (2012) evaluates appraisal theory for manual and automatic sentiment analysis of news text, focusing on political news articles. [(Khoo, Nourbakhsh, & Na, 2012)](https://consensus.app/papers/sentiment-analysis-news-text-case-study-appraisal-theory-khoo/74c6d4e65acf5f3ca3cab67ab8219c1f/?utm_source=chatgpt).

3. **ATTITUDE REALIZATION IN NEWS REPORTS: AN INTERPRETATION THROUGH AN APPRAISAL ANALYSIS** by Saira Asad et al. (2021) aims to identify attitudinal stances in Pakistani online newspapers through Appraisal Analysis, focusing on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Speech at the UN. [(Asad et al., 2021)](https://consensus.app/papers/attitude-realization-news-reports-interpretation-asad/9fd016d89d295777945eb9fdd982ef99/?utm_source=chatgpt).

4. **Explicitating and Implicitating Source Text Ideology** by T. Puurtinen (2003) discusses the effects of translational solutions on the ideological content of texts, highlighting strategies that realize ideological meanings. [(Puurtinen, 2003)](https://consensus.app/papers/explicitating-implicitating-source-text-ideology-puurtinen/75c84bd75dd75761b3535a0483366505/?utm_source=chatgpt).

5. **Translating Ideology: An Intergroup Mediation Perspective** by Natalia Viktorovna Yarkina et al. (2019) addresses the translation of ideology through the prism of the intergroup threat theory, focusing on news translation between French, English, and German. [(Yarkina et al., 2019)](https://consensus.app/papers/translating-ideology-intergroup-mediation-perspective-yarkina/1fbed280f9af58eeab7e5516fe6412d3/?utm_source=chatgpt).

6. **Exploring Valued Patterns of Stance in Upper-Level Student Writing in the Disciplines** by Z. Lancaster (2014) examines patterns of stance in argumentative papers using the appraisal framework from systemic functional linguistics. [(Lancaster, 2014)](https://consensus.app/papers/exploring-valued-patterns-stance-upperlevel-student-lancaster/98260c6ab1845ff8a278e7ddd854e611/?utm_source=chatgpt).

7. **Applying Critical Discourse Analysis in Translation of Political Speeches and Interviews** by Mehdi Mahdiyan et al. (2013) uses Critical Discourse Analysis to uncover ideological assumptions in translations of President Bush’s speeches. [(Mahdiyan, Rahbar, & Hosseini-Maasoum, 2013)](https://consensus.app/papers/applying-discourse-analysis-translation-political-mahdiyan/e1fbcb219cd05460b7f39f29c5347567/?utm_source=chatgpt).

These papers contribute to understanding the role of appraisal analysis and ideology in news texts, demonstrating diverse approaches to examining objectivity, sentiment, and ideological biases in news reporting and translation practices.

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