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Why do Indonesians have small bodies?

Dear Netizens,

Before I tell you about a fascinating issue: Why do Indonesians have small bodies? : I want to tell you about my culinary experience in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, India, in the year 2013. To be much more convenient, maybe it's better if I show a photo of what I eat in the morning time, which is free provided by the Cabana hotel in Ghaziabad. (Pak Farkhani, one of my buddies, said that Food and beverages in hotels everywhere are free of charge in the morning time).
Okay, here's the photo. 

The one in the image above consists of one boiled egg (my friend from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan usually takes two pieces :), fried potatoes, peas, bread plus jam, and some Coco Crunch with milk and orange juice with papaya and watermelon.

here is the photo:

Dealing with the habit of eating fruit in the morning, this taste is indeed unique. It is kind of weird for Indonesian to eat the fruit in the morning. Are you afraid of a stomach ache? Well, this is called learning to change habits and wrong assumptions. I've been trying for two weeks every morning to eat fruit, it's not a problem for my stomach, and I also haven't eaten rice for two weeks except for the occasional eating of Biryani rice. Oh yaa, about lunch and dinner because it's not free and the average payment is 120 rupees = 24 thousand rupiahs. I try to save money by buying raw Food like potatoes, noodles, biryani, and white bread. My friend Pak Farkhani buys corn plus from home already brought "Pecel" and sweet soy sauce, and they are not available in India.
Yesterday, I saw soy sauce in "Aditya" and "NEEDS" supermarkets. I saw that they were selling soy sauce because it said "Soya Bean Sauce," but it's not sweet. It's very acidic. Wow, the Indian tongue is extreme. If it's acidic, Yes, it's very spoiled. Yesterday I bought a juicy orange mango flavor; it's terrible, it's not my taste. If there is spicy Food, it's also extraordinary; it's normal :D. 

Okay, this is what I bought at the supermarket for lunch and dinner.

Lunch and Dinner Menu

And here's the morning menu, which made my stomach already full from the shape alone: Indian cuisine that doesn't suit our taste buds. It's given black pepper, which is extraordinarily spicy and a kind of mint leaf smells rancid. Well, in the end, the neutral menus above were chosen, which were less spicy and dreadful to our tongue. here is the pic:

terrible morning menu :D
Okay, now back to the title: Why do Indonesians have small bodies? The answer is simple. BECAUSE Indonesians used to eat rice. this answer may be half like a joke, but there is some truth if you think about it. Said a friend from Pakistan, a chemist who often goes to Indonesia: eating rice has few calories and chewing it for a long time. If you eat bread, it has a lot of calories and chews it for a long time, and we also eat rice in the morning, eat rice at night, and eat rice again. Why don't we as Indonesian eat some bread, potatoes, corn, or any food except rice? maybe we should be forcing ourselves to live abroad so we can forget about rice for a while :D

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