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Me, Too Much Dosa and Masala in India

Thanks to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'a, in 2013, I lived in Cabana serviced apartments for three months in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, India. I attended a free short course held by the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economics, which appointed NIIT as a bonafide computer and IT training institution that teaches us IT, Networking, and English as communicating skills. IT and English are what I think is an exciting combination. Because almost 25 participants from various countries: Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Bhutan, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and two people from Indonesia have exciting advantages and disadvantages. Some are good at IT and networking but have difficulty speaking in English.

Especially those from Mongolia and Bhutan. If you come from countries like Russia, like those from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, you can speak fluently, but the Russian accent is very sound. And some of them are teachers or lecturers of English but usually twittering, Facebooking and just like me :).

However, I am still salute and proud, especially with the instructor named "Prapbat Singh," who is using patient in teaching us what is internet and computer networking, topology, cable/cabling is to the types and types of topology in terms of logic and physics. Wow, excellent and sound method. By the way, some may ask the connection between the title of this article and the program from NIIT.

Well, let's be eye-catching. "dosa" is not related to "sinful act" but the type of Indian food that is Spicy or has lots of seasoning. This food is typical of South India from seasoned rice ingredients, and there are toppings from chicken, or it's up to the chef.

Then "masala" means "seasoning," which, in my opinion, tastes weird and extreme. That's why if you try Indian food, it's usually a little bit. If it's good, continue if it's terrible; leave it. Because if you continue to force, it will be a "sin" and "masala." I'm guilty of torturing myself and causing the problem of "stomach ache. btw, here's the photo for proof and so it's not called a hoax :)

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