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Ideal World Class University

Let us talk about "Ideal World Class University" in an Indonesian context. This expression is a beautiful phrase to discuss and recall, but it takes a long journey and struggles to realize the desired idealism. According to what I have understood since the first time I was in college as a student and Alhamdulillah, I have been an English lecturer for twenty years until now; it seems that the discrepancy between idealism and reality is still far from expectations. The following is an overview of the ideal campus and realistic solutions, which, I hope, can be easily put into practice:


The ideal university has three essential elements integrated into the teaching and learning process: cognitive, psychomotor, and affective side. So far, the cognitive element has been given an overload emphasis or too much in stressing and ignoring the psychomotor and affective aspects. If the psychomotor element is ignored, what happens daily is that students "stutter" or "gagap" and get confused about entering real job experience and the real-life situation in society. The lack of this aspect is crystal clear when students join the Community Service Program (KKN) and after graduating from their studies and start looking for jobs that are in line with their domain or fields of knowledge.

Many large companies are lazy and reluctant to accept "fresh graduates." After all, they are considered not to have adequate skills because even though they are smart, they are not "ready to use" or need to be trained first. Then the lack of affective aspects causes the emergence of the younger generation who, although brilliantly, do not firmly hold the principles of religiosity and morality. This is the big task and the challenge of teachers and lecturers in conveying knowledge in today's society that tends to have materialistic nuances. So that etiquette and good manners begin to fade and disappear. For this reason, my suggestion is that these three aspects need to be integrated and synergized to produce quality outputs/graduates inside and out. Not only smart generation, but they should have sufficient skills and good morality.


The ideal university is a university that prioritizes aspects of morality and religiosity. Let's be savvy and have critical thinking that today's generation is terrible in religiosity and morality. I don't think our country will progress further but will worsen and become the object of ridicule from other countries. 

One good example is a university in Bangladesh whose graduates have been eagerly awaited by many companies, NOT because the alumni are very intelligent or highly skilled, but because the graduates from the college have a testable nature of honesty. We can understand this easily and logically; Suppose you are a company leader and two candidates are applying for one vacancy. The first job candidate is brilliant, but their type is a cheater. The second job candidate is not so bright but full of honesty. If there were only two choices, which one would you choose? Of course, the second candidate will be eligible and selected. To realize good morals, I think it is not enough ONLY to lecture in the classroom. Every chancellor, dean, lecturer, and campus employee needs to be a good role model regarding morality and religiosity. It is necessary to have or multiply religious studies that are "interactive-inspirational-touching the heart" and "spiritual outbound" to improve the morale of our students during semester breaks. This spiritual outbound is not only for students but also for lecturers and employees who are even more necessary because they are "exemplary" or pilots who can be "guided" and "imitated" by younger students.


The Ideal university is a university that prioritizes poor people. The government should provide as much low-cost Education as possible free of charge so that poor people whose children are bright can enroll and obtain Education from primary Education to higher Education. It is an ideal goal that poor people can achieve overseas masters and doctoral degrees. For instance is the famous author, Andrea Hirata, a man from Belitong Island, Indonesia.

In addition, An example of a good institution is STAN (Sekolah Tinggi Akutansi Negara) which Sri Mulyani maintained to accommodate intelligent students from the rural regions all over the country. Still, they want relatively "cheap" Education. Mrs. Sri Mulyani's the idea of ​​an Affordable but quality school like Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN) or "Indonesian State College of Accountancy" needs to be maintained and continued. Don't get disbanded. 

For more info, in Fidel Castro's place, Cuba, Education can be free even though the country has a communist philosophy. But the investigations turned out to be free because they were financed from drug or marijuana trafficking. Wow, that's scary. We shouldn't be following the wrong things (free education funding from drug sales) but take the good ones. Free Education. Yes, free Education is a good idea. That's what our government needs to think about. Don't just make people obedient to pay taxes, but the money is taken away by Gayus Tambunan in the old era. ^___^


I ​​have only learned a few teaching methods, but so far, there is one philosophy and approach that has fascinated me, namely the philosophy of Constructivism, which is a philosophy that teaches students to relate to previous experiences to what is being learned in class. This must also be understood by educators where they must stimulate and encourage their students to explore the correlation between student experience and the provided teaching material. 

With this philosophy and method, the learning and teaching atmosphere is genuinely beneficial and not monotonous. This method is much better than the traditional method, which considers students just empty bottles ready to be filled. At the same time, teachers and lecturers are sources of knowledge prepared to become 'containers' or knowledge fillers in each student's head. As Pak Sawali Tuhusetya said in his blog, it's unfortunate if our students are just machines for memorizing knowledge. 

With the four points above, if the solution is absorbed and put into practice, it is hoped that our higher education output will produce truly qualified graduates. My dream is to have independent students, strong character, high morality and religiosity, and having a research and entrepreneurial spirit. If you find a model like this, let's take him as son-in-law if we have a daughter ready to get married. ^_^

 I hope. Oh, I hope. Allah Qobul Farmahe. May Allah accept.

Ameen 99x.

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