Three reasons of my Blogging Activities

Dear Netizens,

The world of Blogging is fascinating to me for three reasons:

First, it's a matter of scrutinizing HTML codes because before I work as a lecturer, I dream of becoming a webmaster. I used to buy a book about HTML and Windows FrontPage, which is now somewhere, but I was dizzy to see how complicated HTML is like a worm language from <head> <body> </body> and closed with </head>, and there is still a lot of coding syntax which must be arranged. The first time I learned about HTML code was the knowledge from Jonru Ginting, namely the basics of HTML, which I saved on google drive on this file and was even more impressed with the unique blog ARS PERSONAL WEBLOG [V4.0] | Download ( 

Then Alhamdulillah, it was easier to learn to focus on Blogspot with a free account provided by Then when I was teaching at IAIN Salatiga, I met Mas Nurul Azis, a student of mine who introduced me to CMS Wordpress and self-hosted WordPress, and Google Adsense. The self-hosted WordPress is more beautiful than Blogspot. There are thousands of excellent plugins that can be downloaded at

Second, Blogging is a suggestion to learn to write, display and share our knowledge. Knowledge will not decrease but will even grow if it is shared. Said Mr. Onno W.Purbo, The father of the Indonesian Internet: "Share your knowledge, and it will multiply." I am an English lecturer; if students want to download materials, I will tell them, "Please visit my blog" Likewise, if somebody asks me to provide online scientific journal assistance, I will quickly say, "Please visit my" So, they don't need to google for a long time; all the essential information is available.

Third, now I focus again on Google Adsense, and there are two ways to have Google Adsense in your websites and Youtube Channel. The first is via Blogging. You can monetize your blog as long as you have a website at least six months old and has hundreds of articles. The articles should not copy and paste but our original writings. Some people say a minimum of 300 words, but some say there is no minimum limit, but the longer the essay, the better.

Ideally, a thousand visitors will get one dollar. Many bloggers can earn at least 100 USD every month because they post interesting articles on their blogs almost every day. Then the second way of monetizing is via Youtube. At least you have to have a thousand subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing by viewers. For Youtube Channel, I have a channel called JihadisJurnal which already has a thousand visitors, but the public viewings are only 1,103 hours; it still needs 4,000 public viewing time. I am greatly inspired by the story of a friend who has successfully monetized via Youtube video Channel by uploading two or three videos or at least one video every day. Wow, it is hard to earn 100 USD every month by creating and uploading content every day. For the time being, I focus on my old hobby, namely Blogging, and if I have time, I will make and upload videos of English, Literature, Linguistics, and Translation subject matter. I also create content on scientific journal governance with the OJS/Open Journal System platform.

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