7 important tips for Newbies in Google Adsense Blogging

 7 Important tips for registering and optimizing Google AdSense for beginners in blogging

 1.  Create excellent and original content according to your passion. senior bloggers says, "CONTENT IS THE KING". If you like learning English, tell us about your fun experience with English learning. If you are fond of making software, share that unique and exciting knowledge via blogging. Creating the best content that fits your passion and do not take too much time over busy choosing, changing blog templates, and scrutinizing HTML code hacks and tweaks. Now hundreds of free SEO-friendly blogger or BlogSpot templates are available for your blog. You can also use a WordPress theme for your self-hosted WordPress blog. Would you mind taking the free one at www.wordpress.org? In my opinion, the appearance of the WordPress theme is prettier and more attractive to netizens than BlogSpot, but again CONTENT IS THE KING. Similar to Professor Noam Chomsky's linguistics expert from MIT,  United States of America that Competence is more important than performance.

2. In content creation, assume that you are telling a story or giving as public lecture. So think of the best content that is useful for the public. Therefore, writing is not only for personal interest but for netizens to read widely. Please try to check for typos or wrong grammar. for the grammar check application, please read this Grammarly for the ms-word tutorial.

3. Be patient in blogging. Newbie bloggers often create a blog in two weeks or a month with 5 or 6 articles then register his or her blog to Google Adsense. As a result, it was rejected. Yes, because the articles are still few, visitors are still few. If there are ads installed from Google Adsense, who wants to see and click on these ads if the visitors are few? The Google AdSense team doesn't want to lose money by agreeing to a blog with rare visitors. 

 4. Make a blog domain name that is easy to remember. This suggestion is optional. Try making a memorable blog name like this www.pakfaizal.com. This blog uses free hosting at www.blogger.com with the domain address pakfay.blogspot.com, but this difficult-to-remember address is redirected to a URL and customized at www.rumahweb.com. The price of a dot com domain is around IDR 150,000, - and although there are cheaper ones, namely my.id domain such as www.jihadisjurnal.my.id, which is only IDR 50 thousand, the dot com domain name is still the most favorite.

5. Think of increasing the traffic of a thousand visitors every day. To increase traffic, you can place ads on Google Ads with a minimum payment of IDR 200,000 - per month, but if our budget is minimal, share the articles on your blog on social media and tell our friends. Then in Facebook group, Whatsapp, KasKus forum, and blogging groups on social media, please actively get acquainted, share experiences, and don't forget to share your web URL link. Friendship via Blog-walking is essential. What a Cheap and ejoyable solution for blogging.

6. Put the right intention. The intention of blogging is the charity of sharing knowledge to the public, not merely monetization via Google Adsense. That's why at www.pakfaizal.com, I don't put ads on the top banner but the sidelines of the article and in the sidebar or the footer. Unfortunately and sadly, advertisements on blogs and websites make it uncomfortable for viewers. Still, on the other hand, there is also a lot of new information, or new interesting offers and it is also beneficial for blog owners who install or put Google Adsense on their blogs or websites.

 7. Make a target periodization of article writing. Make a target of writing at least three times a week or, it is better , create one post a day at least 300 words. At least 300 words should be original content and can be checked for plagiarism or not at www.copyscape.com and try to minimize the appearance of images. More words and fewer pictures. Pictures or photos should be our photos or if you take pictures from the internet, ideally images with Creative commons licenses that can be used or reused under a public license. There are suggestions from senior bloggers if you take pictures from the internet, you should edit them first.

Those are seven essential tips for registering and optimizing Google Adsense for beginner bloggers. I hope this article will be useful for You.

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