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Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb
Dear all of my beloved TBI students of IAIN Salatiga joining my Syntax class. These are the procedures or steps of fulfilling your syntax final assignment.

1. Find one abstract consists at least 8 or 9 sentences and you may easily find it on this link URL: http:/s.id/KFL
2. Make an analysis based on 6 kinds/types of analysis. (1)) The number of words, (2) The number of sentences, (3) The number of Be & Verb sentences, (4) The number of simple, compound and complex sentence (5) The number of noun phrases (NP) and (6) The number of verb or verb phrases (VP):

see the image below showing the instance of 6 types of analysis.

 3. then, click the google form below and fill in your data and best abstract analysis.
This google form is particularly designed for submitting students' syntax final assignment. Keep Calm aur Masti Karo/Enjoy it! Click this image below to submit your final assignment


For the latest list of submission (Daftar nama yang udah submit) : CLICK THIS LINK URL: http://s.id/LdK

and this is the example of Abstract of journal syntactic analysis. please click this: contoh analysis for SYNTAX final task

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