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Monkey is very popular of its greedy manner.  One day there was  a hunter in the forest to look for a monkey to be hunted and brought home.
The hunter said, "Today I should be able to go home with a monkey and I will sell it to the zoo and I will be a rich man".
The hunter prepared a trap for monkey. He prepared a lot of peanuts in a big bottle planted in the land. He put many delicious peanuts and chocolate inside the bottle. The big bottle has a small bottle neck so that if the monkey put his hand inside the bottle his hand will be trapped inside and the hunters easily catch the monkey.
After waiting for some time, finally came the greedy monkey. The monkey is so happy smelling the delicious peanuts and chocolates.
The monkey said "Hmmmmmmmmmm .. A lot of food here",
Then he put his hand inside the bottle to take the peanuts and chocolates. He did not understand that it is a trap. Then the monkey cried because he cannot pull his hand inside the bottle planted on the land.
"Ooohhhhhh. I was trapped. I was trapped" The monkey cried loudly.
Finally, the hunter came and he was smiling seeing the monkey, caught it and brought it home.
The Moral of the Story:

GREEDY is a bad character. GREEDY will bring you to unhappy life.  Don’t Be GREEDY, but Be GENEROUS. Thank you very much for your attention.

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