1 Enemy at the gates -- Musuhe Wis Tekan Gapuro
2 Batman Forever -- Ngembat Saklawase
3 Remember the Titans -- Kelingan Titan-titan
4 The Italian Job -- Gaweane Wong Ngerum
5a Die Hard -- Matine Angel
5b Die Hard II -- Matine Angel Tenan
5c Die Hard III With A Vengeance -- Kowe Kok Ra Mati2To?
6 Bad Boys -- Bocah-bocah Uelek
7 Sleepless in Seattle -- Klesikan neng Seattle
8 Lost in Space -- Ilang Neng Awang-awang
9 X-Men -- Wong Lanang Saru
9a X-Men 2 -- Wong Lanang Saru Banget
9b X-Men 3 (Belum dirilis) -- banci terminal....
10 Cheaper by Dozen -- Tumbas Selusin Langkung Mirah
11 The Cooler -- Selot Adem
12 Paycheck -- Kasbon
13 Independence Day -- Pitulasan
14 The Day After Tomorrow -- Sesuke
15 Die Another Day -- Modare Ojo Saiki
16 There is Something About Marry -- Meri Ono Apa-apane
17 Silence of the Lamb -- Wedhuse Mutung
18 All The Pretty Horses -- Jarane Ayu2 (seka Legenda Pasar Kewan Mbahrowo)
19 Planet of the Apes -- Planete Wong Apes
20 Gone in Sixty Second -- Minggat Sak cepete
21 Original Sin -- Dosa Tenanan
22 Mummy Returns -- Mami-mami podo Mudik
23 The Abyss -- Entek-entekan
24 Copycat -- Kopi Kucing (nggo konco Sego Kucing)
25 Seabiscuit -- Klethikan Neng Laut
26 Freddy vs Jason -- Kerah
27 Terminator -- Terminal Montor
29 How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days -- Piye Carane Megat Lanangan mung 10 dino
30 Lord Of The Ring -- juragan akik
31 Deep Impact -- Ngantem Njero
32 Million Dollar Baby -- Genjik Regone Sayuto
33 Blackhawk Down -- Manuk ireng kenek bedhil
34 Saving Private Ryan -- Ngelesi privat mas rian (pancene goblok tenan opo yo?)
35 Dumb and Dumber -- Wong Goblok lan guoooblok tenan

ROCK BANDS   -   Name Origins

ABBA - Abba is "father" in Hebrew but the band claims that to be unintentional - rather it is an acronym for the first names of the band members: Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid (Frida).
AC/DC - 1)  It is said that one of the band member saw it on an appliance and thought it had something to do with power. (It does mean "alternating current / direct current".)  The band used it not realizing it was also slang for a bisexual- the band claims NOT to be bisexual.   
2)  In the vogue of other anti-everything bands it stands for Against Christ/Devil's Children.

ALICE IN CHAINS - a funny rumor is that they were named after a lost episode from The Brady Bunch series!
AMBOY DUKES - Ted Nugent's original band - taken from the title of a 1940's book about street gangs by Irving Shulman.
ANTHRAX - A dangerous bacteria that used to infect many cattle in Europe & could be used for terrorism.
ASPHALT BALLET - The name came from a motorcycle accident Julius was in where the motion of the bike rolling over on the asphalt road  was termed an "Asphalt Ballet."
AQUA - suggested by a Danish AQUArium poster that was hanging in their recording studio.
BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY - this neo-swing band takes its name from what legendary bluesman Albert King wrote as an autograph for the band's leader, Scotty Morris... "To the big bad voodoo daddy."
B-52's - The beehive hairstyle popular in the 1950's (worn by band members) was called a B-52 after a type of large US Air Force bomber plane with that designation.
BACKSTREET BOYS - The Backstreet Market was a store in Florida where the guys used to hang out.
BAD COMPANY - A 1972 modern cowboy movie starring Jeff Bridges.
BAD ENGLISH - One day the band members were playing pool and thinking about a name for the
band.  John Waite went to take a shot and missed. Someone made a comment on how bad his "English" was - English referring to the spin you put on a ball according to where on the ball your stick hits.

Pemerintah Indonesia telah menetapkan 1 Syawal 1432 H jatuh pada hari Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011. Keputusan ini berdasarkan pengamatan Hilal (rukyatul hilal) dari puluhan titik di seluruh wilayah indonesia yang tidak melihat Hilal. Dua klaim dilihatnya Hilal (bulan sabit) dari Cakung dan Jepara ditolak.
Sementara itu, Arab Saudi mengumumkan bahwa 1 Syawal 1432 H jatuh pada hari Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011. Keputusan ini berdasarkan klaim dilihatnya bulan sabit di wilayah itu. Keputusan ini kemudian banyak diikuti oleh banyak negara-negara lain.
Perbedaan penentuan seperti ini bukan hal yang baru dan sering membuat pertanyaan bagi kalangan awam/terpelajar. Pada dua kasus di atas, baik Indonesia maupun Arab Saudi mendasari keputusan berdasarkan bisa tidaknya bulan sabit dilihat (rukyatul hilal, namun hasilnya berbeda. Lalu bagaimana data ilmiah atau astronomis menilai perbedaan semacam ini? Manakah yang lebih kuat pijakan ilmiahnya?
Berikut adalah gambar kemungkinan dilihatnya hilal (bulan sabit) di dunia setelah saat matahari tenggelam pada tanggal 29 Agustus 2011.
Kriteria Khalid Shaukat (moonsighting.com)

Who are also better suited to show empathy toward others...wait, what?

A new study presents some interesting theories on how the world’s most popular social network is affecting our youth – both for the better and for the worse. But do the beneficial and detrimental findings actually contradict each other?
The new information comes from research presented at the 119th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Larry Rosen, PhD, discussed how he feels Facebook and other social media are influencing teens’ behavior and affecting their psychological makeup.
The presentation, entitled “Poke Me: How Social Networks Can Both Help and Harm Our Kids provided these troublesome effects of Facebook use -
  • Teens who use Facebook more often show more narcissistic tendencies while young adults who have a strong Facebook presence show more signs of other psychological disorders, including antisocial behaviors, mania and aggressive tendencies.
  • Daily overuse of media and technology has a negative effect on the health of all children, preteens and teenagers by making them more prone to anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders, as well as by making them more susceptible to future health problems.
  • Facebook can be distracting and can negatively impact learning. Studies found that middle school, high school and college students who checked Facebook at least once during a 15-minute study period achieved lower grades.

Kementerian Agama masih menunggu hasil pemantauan tinggi hilal di 95 titik.

Senin, 29 Agustus 2011, 17:02 WIB
Eko Priliawito, Ronito Kartika Suryani
VIVAnews - Kementerian Agama masih menunggu hasil pemantauan tinggi hilal dari sekitar 95 titik lokasi yang ada di seluruh Indonesia, menjelang malam ini. Hal ini untuk menentukan jatuhnya hari raya 1 Syawal 1432 Hijriah.

Direktur Urusan Agama Islam dan Pembinaan Syariah, Ahmad Jauhari, menjelaskan sebelum sidang isbath digelar, mereka masih menunggu hasil pemantuan hilal itu. Pemantauan dibagi dua, di 80 titik dilakukan Kementerian Agama, dan 15 titik lainnya oleh Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).
1. Kata berita atau “News” dalam bahasa Inggris sebenarnya adalah singkatan keempat mata angin North (utara,) East (Timur,) West (Barat,) dan South (Selatan.)
2. Dewa berhala “Beelzebub” adalah bahasa Yunani untuk “Raja Lalat.”
3. Nama “Canada” berasal dari bahasa Indian yg berarti “Desa yang Besar.”

4. Dibandingkan Amerika Serikat, jumlah warga yang bisa berbahasa Inggris di Cina (RRC) lebih banyak.

5. Merk krayon “Crayola” dalam bahasa Prancis berarti “Kapur Berminyak.”
Download Lengkap Gratis Naruto MP3 Soundtrack - download lengkap full free album lagu musik mp3 naruto theme soundtrack gratis shippuden ost terbaru updateBagi anda penggemar Naruto. Saya menyediakan list untuk download lagu MP3 soundtrack movie Naruto secara gratis atau free serta lengkapmelalui postingan ini yang akan di-update setiap ada perubahan. Lagu MP3terdiri dari opening theme atau lagu pembuka, ending theme atau lagu penutup, maupun lagu-lagu lainnya seperti iringan dan lain sebagainya.

Supaya tidak terlalu lama, silakan download semua musik / lagu mp3 berikut ini secara full gratis dan tidak bayar:

Genre: Drama
Produced in: 2009 USA

Cuba Gooding Jr., Aunjanue Ellis, Yasen Peyankov, Tajh Bellow, Gus Hoffman

Plot summary:

Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. (Actor in a Supporting Role, Jerry Maguire, 1996) stars in this true story about a renowned brain surgeon who overcame obstacles to change the course of medicine forever. Young Ben Carson didn't have much of a chance. Growing up in a broken home amongst poverty and prejudice, his grades suffered and his temper flared. And yet, his mother never lost her faith in him. Insisting he follow the opportunities she never had, she helped to grow his imagination, intelligence and, most importantly, his belief in himself. That faith would be his gift - the thing that would drive him to follow his dream of becoming one of the world's leading neurosurgeons.

A nice article taken from:
The advantages of stupidity

Today I was thinking of Forrest Gump when I
visited friends in Amsterdam. Their daughter, Karin, is mentally disordered.
She is 19 years old, but has an IQ of a toddler, lives in her own world and a
normal conversation with her is impossible. However she manages sometimes to do
the impossible.

Number lock
She is for instance quite skilful with computer
games and reaches levels where a person like me can only dream of. She also
loves food. To prevent that she eats too much, there’s a number lock attached
to the refrigerator. It’s a lock with four numbers. If I remember my
mathematics classes this means that there are about 10.000 different
combinations possible. So it would take some time to break the code. And here’s
the funny part. Karin regularly breaks the code! She is patient and takes her time.
If her parents change the code, she isn’t bothered and starts again. Most
people would think and say: “There are too many possibilities and it is too
much trouble, I don’t even start trying to break the code!”

One task

But not Karin, she tries everything over and over
again until she succeeds. And that is a big advantage if you aren’t bothered by
a little voice in your head constantly saying: “This is pointless, just stop it
here!” Forrest Gump is of course a fantasy. But Karin does exist! She concentrates
without distractions to one task. And that one task she brings to a successful

Indonesia Sinopsis :
Kingsleigh Alice, 19 tahun, menghadiri pesta di Victoria estat setelah kematian ayahnya tercinta. Disana, tanpa sepengetahuan Alice, sebuah pesta pertunangan telah direncanakan oleh ibu dan saudara perempuannya. Saat seorang pemuda sombong dan membosankan, Hamish Ascot melamar Alice di gazebo dan disaksikan ratusan warga dari berbagai jenis, perhatian Alice justru tertuju pada kelinci berbintik putih yang mengenakan rompi dan arloji saku. Dalam keterkejutan dan kebingungan, ia berlari ke dalam labirin mengikuti si Kelinci Putih, hingga ia terjatuh ke dalam lubang menuju negeri Underland, di mana ia telah mengunjunginya sepuluh tahun yang lalu, tetapi ia tidak mengingatnya tetapi penduduk dari dunia sihir mengingatnya dan merindukannya. Di Wonderland, ia bertemu kembali dengan teman-teman masa kecilku, termasuk Mad Hatter, yang memberitahukan Alice bahwa mereka membutuhkan bantuannya menyingkirkan Ratu Merah, yang telah merebut Wonderland dari adiknya, Ratu Putih.

Alice mulai beraksi – tubuhnya mulai membesar dan mengecil – dalam petualangan menemukan jati dirnya sekaligus menyelamatkan Wonderland beserta teman-temannya.

Seperti saya yg sering bingung dengan istilah di kaskus yg cukup memusingkan untuk newbie seperti saya,
Admin - Administrator = orang yang bertugas untuk mengurusi hal-hal administrasi
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AFK = Away From Keyboard
Agan = istilah lain juragan (bahasa Sunda), panggilan kepada sesama member Kaskus
Aktivis Kaskus = pangkat setingkat di atas Kaskuser, dengan jumlah post 500 – 749
Alay = Anak Layangan, norak atau kampungan
AMH = Anime Manga Haven
ASAP = As Soon As Posible
Avatar = gambar identitas member
Aq = aku, saya
Banned ID = ID yang dilarang masuk, karena suatu kesalahan/pelanggaran tertentu
Bata - Bata Merah = reputasi jelek, ditandai dengan kotak kecil berwarna merah di bawah ID user
Blog = tulisan di halaman web, salah satu fitur di Kaskus
BNIB = Brand New In Box (FJB)
BNWOT = Brand New Without Tag, barang baru tapi tidak ada tag harga & merknya (FJB)
BNWT = Brand New With Tag
Boneng = bener
Bot = suatu program untuk menjalankan perintah otomatis
BRB = Be Right Back
Bro – Brotha = Brother
BRP = Bad Reputation Point
BSH = Barisan Sakit Hati
BTW = By The Way
Cendol = reputasi bagus, ditandai dengan kotak kecil berwarna hijau di bawah ID user


TitleSizeSubmitted byRatingDate
A brief history of communism in Russia(ANIMAL FARM) 805KBHelen Trevizo***15/05/06
A Christmas Carol318KBFran Roberts***10/12/07
A Sound of Thunder2.4MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
Animal Farm4.5MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
Animal Farm1 403KBOW Holmes***14/10/05
Animal Farm2

Presentation Transcript

English Literature: 

English Literature Compiled by Wu WeiLun

1. What is Literature?: 

1. What is Literature? Literature refers to the practice and profession of writing. It comes from human interest in telling a story, in arranging words in artistic forms, in describing in words some aspects of human experiences. Literature is characterized by beauty of expression and form and by university of intellectual and emotional appeal. Literature shows us not only what a society is like in a certain age, but also what individual feel about it, what they hope from it, and how they can change it or escape from it.

2. Why we read Literature?: 

2. Why we read Literature? a. read for pleasure Howells observed that the study of Literature should begin and end in pleasure. b. reading for relaxation Modern life is full of pressure. It is people’s common desire to seek temporally relaxation from the stress in life. c. reading to acquire knowledge. Literature gives readers an insight into the tradition, custom, beliefs, attitudes, folklore, values of the age in which it is written.

3. How to study Literature?: 

3. How to study Literature? a. analytical approach The elements of fiction include plot, character, setting, point of view, theme, symbol, allegory, style, and tone. b.thematic approach What is the story, the poem, the play, or the essay about?

c. historical approach : 

c. historical approach It aims at illustrating the historical development of literature. All the Literature exists in time and as such bears the unmistakable imprint of the period and culture in which it is written

d. Other approaches: 

d. Other approaches Marxist/sociological criticism psychoanalytical criticism feminist/gender criticism mythic and archetypal criticism reader-response criticism formalist /new criticism structuralism

In much of our conversation, we assume that speakers and listeners are generally cooperating with each other. However, in some circumstances, a speaker intends to communicate more than is said, that something must be more than just what the words mean. It is an additional meaning, called conversational implicature. Conversational implicature is an interesting thing where it is not a matter of a sentence but instead of an utterance?s meaning. Therefore, in this study, the writer is interested in analyzing the implicature found the utterances of the three main characters, the types of implicatures, and produced the most frequently. The writer chose Taxi because it is a good film with an intelligent plot in which it is not predictable what will happen next (Gavez, 2004). The writer used Grice?s theory of conversational implicature as the basis of the analysis of the study. The utterances containing implicature fall into two categries: generalized and particularized conversational implicature. From the findings, the writer found 70 implicatures from the three main characters: Belle, Washburn, and Marta. Between the two types, generalized and particularized conversational implicature, generalized conversational implicature takes a bigger percentage, namely 51.43%. It means 36 out of the 70 implicatures are generalized ones. To follow, when it comes to the other type, 34 out of the 70 implicatures found are about particularized conversational implicature. It then indicatives that 48.57 % of the total implicatures are about particularized conversational implicature. This study also reveals significant finding that may contribute to the theory of implicature itself and its applications so that it will be useful for further reference. Firstly, the study reveals that one single utterance can have two types of conversational implicature. It means a single utterance may license both a generalized and a particularized conversational implicature. To add, the use of indefinite article `a/an? in a sentence can actually function as cardinal number as it actually refers to `one?. Lastly, the theory of an indefinite article of the type `a/an X?, is typically interpreted according to the generalized conversational implicature that: an X +> not speaker?s X cannot be generalized in this study since it can be interpreted as the speaker?s X. This fact, indeed, contradicts with the theory proposed by Yule (1996).





Eriza Mutaqin. NIM : A 310 040 075, “Implikatur Percakapan Pada Bahasa Iklan Produk (Studi Kasus di Radio GSM FM)”, Skripsi, Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, 2008. 50 Halaman. Penelitian ini bertujuan mengidentifikasi bentuk tuturan yang mengandung implikatur percakapan pada bahasa iklan produk di radio GSM FM, mendeskripsikan implikatur yang terjadi pada bahasa iklan produk di radio GSM FM, dan mengetahui faktor yang mengakibatkan adanya pemakaian implikatur percakapan yang terdapat pada bahasa iklan produk di radio GSM FM. Penelitian ini adalah penelitian dengan metode deskriptif kualitatif. Pelitian ini dilakukan pada bulan Oktober-November 2007 dengan merekam iklan produk di radio GSM FM. Teknik pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah teknik rekam dan teknik catat. Teknik rekam dilakukan dengan menggunakan tape recorder sebagai alatnya untuk merekam iklan produk berbahasa Indonesia di radio GSM FM. Teknik catat dilakukan untuk mengklasifikasikan data yang telah terkumpul. Tuturan yang mengandung implikatur percakapan dalam iklan produk di radio GSM FM terdiri dari dua bentuk tuturan yaitu berbentuk direktif sejumlah 8 tuturan dan tuturan berbentuk deklaratif sejumlah 5 tuturan. Implikasi yang muncul pada percakapan iklan produk di radio GSM FM pada umumnya mengarah pada kesepahaman dan keterusterangan antara penutur dan mitra tutur. Faktor yang menyebabkan adanya pemakaian implikatur dalam iklan produk di radio GSM FM adalah faktor ekonomi, faktor kebutuhan masyarakat, dan faktor efektivitas produk.

In this thesis the writer uses a drama by Oscar Wilde, a controversial man of letters of England. This thesis focuses on the influence of the main characters’ toward plot in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. This thesis also applies psychological aspect to analyze the main characters’ characteristics.
In writing this thesis, the writer conducts library research method to collect the data and information by using some books and internet which are related to the problem. The writer employs one method of approach namely semiotic approach. The semiotic approach is applied to analyze the character, especially the main character, plot in the drama. The writer also uses psychological approach to analyze the intrinsic aspect such as character and plot.

This study is about the idea of American Materialism and Taoism in
Eugene O'Neill's Marco Millions which are discussed through the literary
approach of characterization. The Writer thinks that the topic is very factual
nowadays as man's vision of life turns to be materialistic in which people tend to
neglect the spiritual and moral values and put much stresses on the physical
achievement as a measuring rod to judge one's personal worth. O'Neill writes
Marco Millions to satirize the American Materialism as well as to convey his
eagerness toward the spiritual world of Taoism.The Idea of American
Materialism pays attention to the fulfilment of self comfort and worldly
satisfaction which is in contrast with the Taoism that emphasizes on the
immortality : spiritual awareness and wisdom. Marco Polo who represents the
character of American Materialism finally becomes spiritually impotent and
insensitive because of his fleshy and superficial attitude of only pursuing for the
satisfaction of worldly needs, whereas Kublai Kaan who represents the character
of Taoism becomes spiritually mature as he accepts the destiny and surrenders to
the Omnipotent. In conclusion, there is no improvement in the qualities of Marco
who sinks into the shallowness of worldly satisfaction while Kublai Kaan finally
finds the enlightenment about the secret of life.

Title: An Analysis Of Moral Values Found In Robert Frost’s Selected Poems
Authors: Sari, Reni Indah Permata
Advisors: Lubis, Swesana Mardia
Rangkuti, Rahmadsyah
Issue Date: 25-Apr-2011
Abstract: Skripsi ini berjudul “An Analysis of Moral Values Found in Robert Frost’s Selected Poems”. Skripsi ini ditulis untuk menganalisis tentang nilai–nilai moral yang ditemukan di beberapa puisi terpilih dari Robert Frost yaitu; Fire and Ice, Neither Out Far Nor in Deep, Out,Out, Provide,Provide, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, dan The Road Not Taken.. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah research library dan didukung informasi melalui internet. Nilai moral adalah standard baik dan buruk yang ada pada manusia. Nilai moral yang ditemukan penulis dalam puisi-puisi Robert frost antara lain mengenai pengendalian diri, hal ini digambarkan dalam puisi Fire and Ice. Fire “api” disimbolkan sebagai desire “nafsu” dan Ice “es” disimbolkan sebagai hate “kebencian”. Dalam hubungan persahabatan, apabila seorang individu tidak dapat mengendalikan nafsu amarah dan kebencian yang ada pada dirinya, maka hubungan persahabatan yang sekian lama terbina, akan musnah.
Keywords: Nilai Moral
URI: http://repository.usu.ac.id/handle/123456789/23201

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It means that “There is none worth of worship except Allah”
We remove or take out the greatness of makhluq/ Ghoirullah from our heart and put the strong yaqin  to  Allah  SWT  in our heart.
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
-Whenever a slave of Allah said LA ILAHA ILLALLAH and died  believe  in  it, he surely entered  jannah.
-He who bears witness to LA ILAHA ILLALLAH (There is none worthy of worship except Allah)  with  his  heart  verifying  his tongue  shall enter jannah  from any of its doors he wishes.
-In Hadits Qudsi Allah Ta’ala says: Indeed I am ALLAH, there is none of worthy worship except ME, he who acknowledges  my ONENESS  enters my fortress, and he who enters my fortress is safe from my punishment.

It  means : hadrat Muhammad SAW  is the Messenger of ALLAH.
There is no  other way to achieve true happiness and success except following the sunnah of rasulullah SAW.
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
-Anyone who bears witness that there  si none worthy of worship except Allah and that I am his messenger can never enter hell or be burnt by its fire.
-He who holds fast to my sunnah during the time of corruption in my ummah, for him is the reward of a syahid(martyr).
-He who enlives/revives my sunnah has indeed loves  me, and he who loves me will be with me in jannah.

Al-Qur’an menggunakan kata shiyam sebanyak delapan kali, kesemuanya dalam arti puasa menurut pengertian hokum syari’at.  Hanya sekali al-Qur’an menggunakan kata shaum, tetapi maknanya adalah “menahan diri untuk tidak berbicara”, “Sesungguhnya aku bernazar puasa (shauman) karena Allah, maka hari ini aku tidak akan berbicara dengan seorang manusiapun” (QS. Maryam [19]:26).  Demikian ucapan Maryam As yang diajarkan oleh Malaikat Jibril ketika ada yang mempertanyakan tentang kelahiran anaknya (Isa As.)

Kata yang berarti sama juga terdapat masing-masing sekali dalam bentuk perintah berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan, sekali dalam bentuk kata kerja yang menyatakan bahwa “Berpuasa adalah baik untuk kamu” dan sekali menujuk kepda pelaku-pelaku puasa pria dan wanita, yaitu “Ash-Shaimin wash-shaimat.”

Kata-kata yang beraneka bentuk itu semuanya terambil dari akar kata yang sama, yakni sha-wa-ma, yang dari segi bahasa maknanya berkisar pada “menahan” dan “berhenti” atau “tidak bergerak”.  Kuda yang berhenti berjalan dinamai faras shaim.  Manusia yang berupaya menahan diri dari satu aktivitas dinamai shaim (berpuasa).  Pengertian kebahasaan ini dipersempit maknanya oleh hokum syari’at, sehingga shiyam hanya digunakan untuk “menahan diri dari makan, minum, dan upaya mengeluarkan sperma dari terbitnya fajar hingga terbenamnya matahari.”