My happy life in Virginia Enthusiastically Written by : Ega Erma Sandrianie
Blacksburg, Virginia is a beautiful city that I have ever seen. I have been in Blacksburg for more than four weeks. Thanks to Allah who made easy for me by means of  The Scholarship which has brought  me to this beautiful city. I lived in Chelsey court 2528, Blacksburg Virginia. Guys, Let me tell you something.  Blacksburg is  students’ city. In Blacksburg lies Virginia Tech University. Several Virginia Tech buildings are separated in every place in Blacksburg.

 Now I am going to describe about my dwelling, my class and my professors. Let me describe it all just for you.

   This is my yard. I lived in Chelsey  court, Blacksburg Virginia. You can see that there are many leaves scale off. It is because at that time, two weeks ago was fall season. Now, the winter is coming, so all of the leaves dropped off.

 Everyday, I go to campus in LCI (Language Center Institute) by bus. On the picture Here, You can see that it is my bus stop. The name of the bus stop is Hethwood B. It is because the bus that pass my house is Hethwood B. This bus stop is around ten meters from my house. Hethwood B usually comes every 15 minutes. If I miss the bus, I have to wait the next bus. It will take 15 minutes to arrive my campus.

Next, I study in LCI Virginia Tech, especially in Annex. Annex is the name one of buildings in Virginia Tech. It consists of four classes, two teacher offices and two bathrooms. Annex is not too large big building. Here, look at the picture below! This is annex.  
In Annex I study grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and English for spesific purpose. My professor usually come early before eight o’clock. Although, the class starts at 8 o’clock. It is because they have particular mindset about time. According to them, time is money. I have three classes in Annex. I am lucky because I do not need  to move my class to another building. It will make me tired if I move. Because the distance is far. My first professor in first class is Prof. Moore. She is a chinese. She teaches grammar, listening and speaking. Despite of she is Chinese but her English is good. Then, my second professor is Prof. Alicia Cadegani. I call her Prof. Chadegani. She comes from Blacksburg.  Prof. Chadegani teaches reading and writing class. Everyday she askes all of students to read novel. After that we have to explain the containt contain of the novel in front of class. Beside that, she always give us homework. We have to write write journal in her website ( Let me show you their picture!

The woman who stands in my right side is Prof. Moore. I took this picture on Halloween even and the girl in my left side is Yovita, one of grantee from Palu.

She is prof. Chadegani. She is the most beautiful professor here. Prof. Chadegani is kind woman. She has ever said that Indonesian students are dilligent because most of Indonesian students always due their homework before deadline day. It makes me proud become Indonesian student. I took this picture when LCI held thanksgiving dinner.

This is my favourite picture. Why? Because I had picture with Pro. Jason Lovelace and his wife, mss. J. He is my favourite professor. He teaches English specific for purpose. I usually call him “Prof. J”. Prof. J always teaches using his gesture. It is funny and interesting. Sometimes he changes his voice to attract us. He is the one professor who always bring three cards in his pocket. Do you know what the name of the building behind us? That is capital building. I took this picture when I was in washington DC a couple  days ago.

  This is my classroom. There are two maps in right and left side of white board. There are american maps. Then you may see flags. They are flags from students’ country who are studying  in Virginia Tech especially in LCI.
That all about my house, my professors and  my class.  Next time I will describe about another things in Virginia especially in Blacksburg. Finally, this is my happy live in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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