I betray you but i forgive you?

When I was still learning in English department several years ago , I had one memorable experience in the class. At that moment I had one smart creative lecturer. His name was Mr. Agus. One day when we are attending his GRAMMAR class he ordered us one by one to make a simple sentence using one transitive verb. The funny time came when there was the two intimate students who got their turn of making a sentence. Their name was Rahmat and Ipung. They both are the funniest students in my class. Rahmat loudly said, “I BETRAY YOU! ”. He uttered it by pretending to give a wicked angry sight at Ipung. Then Ipung in turn loudly said, “I FORGIVE YOU!”. He stated it by smiling at Rahmat. Knowing this all the students laugh uproariously. 

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