C A M P U S C O M E D Y : I am not your walking dictionary

Namecheap.com When I was still studying in English department in 1993, I had one favorite lecturer. Her name was Mrs.Diah Kristina. One day when we are joining her SPEAKING class she ordered us one by one to tell his or her most interesting experience in our life. One of my friend with a little fluency and knowledge of English vocabulary stood anxiously and unconfidently in front of the class. He had just been starting his story but whenever he forgot or hesitated about the correct diction and spelling of an English word or expression he kept on asking to my lecturer. At the first and the second request of him, my lecturer wisely gave him the answer. But at the third time when he asked to my lecturer simply she said, “MY DEAR STUDENT, I AM NOT YOUR WALKING DICTIONARY”.
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