A talk of IMAN between me and Pakistani man

Namecheap.com One night in Madura island Faishol bhaiy (Brother) was talking to a Pakistani man named Suheil bhaiy ( Brother).
SUHEIL BHAIY: “Faishol bhaiy, What will you do before sleeping?”
FAISHOL BHAIY: “I’ll (will) do two rokaat sholat and finish my reading of al-Mulk and al-Waq’iah.”
SUHEIL BHAIY: “Bohot acha (very good). May I talk to you about one thing? May be it only takes five (5) until ten (10) minutes to make mudzakaroh (discussion) about this.”
FAISHOL BHAIY: “Thick hai( OK). What is that?”
SUHEIL BHAIY: “ I want to make mudzakaroh about what is IMAN. What is IMAN according to you?”
FAISHOL BHAIY: “in my opinion, IMAN is TO BELIEVE.”
SUHEIL BHAIY: “OK, but please explain or tell me more about it.What do you mean by IMAN is TO BELIEVE?”
FAISHOL BHAIY:” IMAN is believing with the invisible. YU’MINUUNA BILGHOIB. Brother, What is the thing that you have known about IMAN. What is IMAN?. ”
SUHEIL BHAIY:”OK. IMAN means believing with the thing we can not see. Believing the greatness of ALLAH. The power of ALLAH. The Qudrat of ALLAH ROBBUL IZZAT. We know that all of us as INSAN or Human beings always believe in the MUSYAHADAH.”
SUHEIL BHAIY:MUSYAHADAH is something DZOHIR. A visible thing. Something that we can easily see with our eyes. For example if we see a glass of milk we know that the color of the milk is white. We won’t (will not) say that the color of the milk is black”.
FAISHOL BHAIY: “OK. Please continue to talk.BOLO-BOLO”.
SUHEIL BHAIY:”OK. Suppose that there is a crazy people and so many people holding guns and forcing you to say that THE COLOR OF THE MILK IS BLACK. What will you do then?”
FAISHOL BHAIY: “I don’t know,brother. It is very difficult to decide on such moment.”
SUHEIL BHAIY:”OK. I’ll give the answer. The answer is that to save your life you may say that THE COLOR OF THE MILK IS BLACK but still in your heart 100% you believe that THE COLOR OF THE MILK IS WHITE. Why is that so?it is because you have believed with the MUSYAHADAH. The things you have seen with your eyes. Similarly if ALLAH Rabbul Izzat say that ISLAM IS THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE TRUE HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS FOR OUR LIFE IN THIS WORLD AND HEREAFTER we should believe it 100% in our heart. Eventhough we live in poverty and misery but we should believe with the promise of Allah. Eventhough what we know and believe is sometimes in contradiction with the things we see, hear, and think, we should believe with the saying of Allah rabbul izzat. IMAN means to say that the things we see is not true or lies and the true things are what ALLAH Rabbul Izzat and His Messenger, Rasulullah PBUH have told us in Qur’an and Hadits.
FAISHOL BHAIY: Subhanallah. So amazing.Bohot acha (very good).Bohot sukriyah/thank you very much for your explanation.

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