Dear  All University Students in Indonesia,

My name is Faizal Risdianto & Haryo Aji Nugroho,

Lecturers at UIN Salatiga. We will conduct research on the topic "Appraisal and Ideology in Indonesian Students' Argumentative Writing". For this purpose, we need original articles on argumentative writing. We offer an academic writing contest titled "The Problems and Solutions of English Language Learning in Indonesia/City. of .../village  pf......" 

The article should be written between 600-1000 words on A4 paper size (doc, docx, or RTF file) and SHOULD BE ORIGINAL, NOT AI-generated writing.

The priority is given to original writing, which specifically mentions the learning methods and the area where the student lives and studies and offers the best solution for the problems. The prizes we can offer are only for 4 (four) winners; each will receive IDR 300.000, -plus merchandise/gift from us.
This contest runs from March 25 to May 25, 2024.
If you are interested, please write and fill out this form:

 Best Regards, 

Faizal Risdianto & Haryo Aji Nugroho

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