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Lots of Halal Tourism Debates in Bali, Let's Understand the Pros and Cons! religion is a sensitive issue, all topics always cause heated debates in the timeline. Especially after there was an issue that halal tourism would be built or halal tourism on the island of Bali. 

This discourse has appeared since around March 2019, but the debate is still ongoing until now. A Twitter user with the account name @angewwie uploaded a tweet that immediately invited the pros and cons of netizens. He suggested that related to halal tourism, what if Aceh built haram tourism?

In connection with halal tourism in Bali, what if we also build haram tourism in Aceh? — Angellie ?? (@angewwie) July 8, 2019

How is the concept of halal tourism, which is busy, being discussed? Is it that necessary to build halal tourism? The idea of halal tourism was created to make it easier for Muslim tourists to find places of worship or halal food and drinks. 

As the person who was arguably the first to launch halal tourism in Bali, Sandiaga Uno stated that his idea aimed to dredge the fantastic share of the halal tourism market. With the concept of halal tourism, Sandiaga Uno hopes that the economy in Bali can increase rapidly. Muslim tourists also find it easier to access facilities that comply with Islamic law. 

Halal tourism can be realized by building halal hotels, restaurants, or spas. According to KH Ma'ruf Amin, reported by Sindo News, halal is not the destination or tourist destination but the services intended for Muslim tourists.

But in reality, not all parties agree on halal tourism. Jerinx SID is one of them. According to him, Bali has always been Muslim-friendly. Jerinx SID, known for his controversial chatter, does not miss comments about halal tourism. According to him, halal tourism is not applied correctly in Bali because Bali has always been friendly to Muslims. 

Actually, without "halal tourism", it's also easy to find halal in Bali. Residents here are not stupid. They know how to respect people. Just ask if it's halal or not; they understand. If they don't, they say no. — im (@urclingybaby) July 8, 2019

In line with other contra opinions, the Muslim community in Bali has never had any difficulties carrying out their daily religious life. There is a mosque and lots of halal food and drinks. So, this halal tourism program is considered too excessive and can even damage the "face" of the island of Bali as people know it today.

This may be because many still understand the concept of halal tourism as a form of Islamization even though the main goal is to expand market share. We should first understand carefully what the real purpose is. Let's understand. So far, maybe there have been many Muslim tourists visiting Bali without having to tout the concept of halal tourism. But getting back to the main goal. 

The goal is only to expand market share. Not as a form of Islamization as many people might think. Residents or non-Muslim tourists can carry out their activities, continue their traditional traditions, etc. What has changed – if the concept of halal tourism is implemented – may be more to the number of halal public facilities that will increase.

Hmm.. so what do you think? Should the concept of halal tourism be implemented in Bali?

SOURCE: Ramai-ramai Debat Wisata Halal di Bali, Yuk Pahami Bersama Pro Kontranya! Biar Nggak Pada Ngegas~ (

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