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UTS Assignment of Academic Writing 2022

 UTS Assignment of  Academic Writing 2022:  MINI RESEARCH PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENT

1. Title;. The use of .... To improve ../ the correlation between..../ Students/teachers' strategy.../students' perception of....

2. Background: two or three paragraphs

3. Problem statements: minimum two problem statements: for instance,
a. What is the profile of students' mastery..
b. What are teachers/students' strategy to develop...
c. What is the difference before and after the
implementation of..
d. What are the advantages and disadvantages

4. Method: qualitative/ quantitative/ mixed method

DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION : Friday, November 4th  11.59 PM.

link of URL for submission: UTS Submission form untuk kelas Academic writing: https://forms.gle/mJZx7gxe2B3YGS8K9

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