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15 ekspresi selain you're welcome


Well, actually, "you are welcome" can be expressed in another way, you know. English will definitely be more interesting if you use the 15 phrases to replace "you are welcome" presented in this article. Here they go! 

1. My Pleasure

 X : I like the gift so much. Thank you! (I really liked the gift. Thank you!) 

Y: It's my pleasure.

 2. Anytime 

X : Wow, it's my favorite toy! Thanks for giving me this!

Y : Anytime. 

3. No Worries 

X : It's very kind of you to help me studying new language. Thanks a lot! (You were very kind to help me learn a new language. Thank you so much!) 

Y : No worries. 

4. Not At All 

X : My tasks won't be finished without you. Thanks for helping me! (My work would not be complete without you. Thank you for helping me!) 

Y : Not at all. (You're welcome.) 

5. Don't Mention It

 X : I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me. (I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me.) 

Y : Don't mention it. 

6. No Problem 

X : You helped me fix my laptop. Thanks, Jo! 

Y : No problem. 

7. Sure 

X : Thanks for being my best friend throughout high school! 

Y: Sure! 

 8. Glad To Help 

X : You are so helpful. Thank you! 

Y : Glad to help. 

9. No Big Deal 

X : You saved my cat from an accident. Thank you very much! 

 Y : No big deal. 

10. It Was Nothing

 X : Thanks for your help in completing my works! 

Y : It was nothing. 

11. Don't Worry About It 

X : You always help me at school. Thank you! 

Y : Don't worry about it. 

12. Happy To Be Of Service

 X : I can't imagine cooking without your help. Thanks, Jessica! 

 Y : Happy to be of service. 

13. You Would've Done The Same For Me 

X : Thanks for lending your book to me! 

Y : You would've done the same for me. 

14. It Was The Least I Could Do 

X : You helped me through my hard times. I can't thank you enough! 

Y : It was the least I could do. 

15. That's Absolutely Fine 

X : Thanks for the support you have given to me.

Y : That's absolutely fine. 

As your mastery of other expressions of "you are welcome" gets richer, don't forget to practice, OK! Instead of using "you are welcome" from now on, you can replace it with the 15 expressions above.

source: https://www.ef.co.id/englishfirst/kids/blog/15-ungkapan-untuk-menggantikan-you-are-welcome/

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