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Examples of Appraisal analysis on English text


Example 1.1: excerpt from Text1:

1The concept of "task" has a rich history here[Appreciation: valuation]. 2Not only is there a common-sense meaning of task as the job to be done,[Appreciation: valuation] but it is a technical term in Bion's group psychology. [Appreciation: valuation: evoked via reference to valued discourse] 3I have been one to see the task as an analogy – getting back to its roots in "tax" or a burdensome tribute to be paid[Appreciation: reaction: negative] [via contrast with next clause?]. 4In Bion, it has more positive [Appreciation: valuation: positive]connotations, and being a workgroup in the achievement of a task is not only healthy [Appreciation: valuation: positive] but morally good[judgement: propriety: positive]. 5It is hard to arrange and weave all this.[Appreciation: composition: complexity: positive][judgement: capacity: negative?] 6I set out to work at the warehouse this morning. 7I will have a task, I suppose, [modalization: probability]or various ones. 8I must [modulation: obligation] unload some trucks. 

9I must [modulation: obligation] aid the company in any legit (legal/truly/extremely good) way to help it profit[judgment: propriety: positive: provoked: via series of obligations + legit way]. 10I must [modulation: obligation] fit myself into the sometimes odd[appreciation: reaction: quality: negative] social scheme there[judgement: tenacity: positive: provoked: via graduation and repetition]11My goal, however, [counter-expect: retro]for this day is to have as pleasant and as delightful [Appreciation: reaction: quality]a day as I can [modalization: ability][judgement: tenacity: provoked: via Appreciation of his identified goal] -- to tell no lies, hurt no one on purpose, and be a good citizen [judgement: propriety]while squeezing the best out of whatever situation I may encounter.[judgement: tenacity: positive: provoked - from sentence 6 on] 12Out of this fluid [Appreciation: complexity]plan for the day, one that will most likely[modalization: probability] materialize, which activities constitute 'tasks.'[rhetorical question]


Example 1.2: excerpt from Text2:


1I'm glad [affect: happiness] that you answered Mukidi's question because it is obvious [modalization: probability]  that I need information.[judgement: capacity: negative2I I do feel 'under the microscope'[affect: insecurity: ] as any new member is going to feel, and to join in any group and not only just communicate via the World wide Web). [judgement: normality] 3In my expectation to be targeted, I had anticipated [affect: disinclination: via the following expectations of negative emotions directed at herself]\\ curiosity,[affect: inclination] fear,[affect: disinclination] jealousy,[affect: insecurity] among others, but [counter-expect]not [neg-pol]suspicion,[affect: insecurity] and particularly [graduation: focus]   of my identity.... this is, in my experience, unique [graduation: focus]to the Web.[judgement: normality: negative] 4As for stating your suspicions or doubts, I value honesty [affect: satisfaction] in communication and would rather [modulation: inclination]hear your fear, suspicion or doubt [affect: insecurity]directly [graduation: focus] than to hear their echoes in all [graduation: force]  of our exchanges or in the poverty [appreciation: composition: negative]  of our exchange.[judgement: propriety: provoked: via positive evaluation of honesty and negative evaluation of exchange otherwise] 5I usually[modalization: usuality] find that exchanges between two people are largely[graduation: focus] superficial [appreciation: composition: negative]until they risk the truth [judgement: tenacity]of their feelings and thoughts toward each other. 6Mukidi got the burden of my anger  [affect: dissatisfaction]because he was trying to be honest about his perceptions of me.[judgement: veracity]

modified from this source: https://www.grammatics.com/appraisal/lexi_con/lexis-text/attitude/onattitude1.html

and this one: http://www.engl.polyu.edu.hk/academic_writing/attitude.html

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