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Science Versus Religion: Which one is better as the path to achieve Truth?


Science is the embodiment of human thought and knowledge. However, we have to know that science is not the only source of truth in this world. The truth of science is changeable by the ever-changing human thought and the development of technology. For instance, the theory initiated by Ptolomeus (AD 90 – AD 168) declared that the earth is flat, and this theory was trusted and taken for granted, and many people had a firm belief in it. However, after the coming of Copernicus, who declared that the earth is round, this theory was abandoned by people. It shows us that science is too narrow to be considered as the only source of truth-finding.

What about Religion? Religion is a source of moral knowledge. It concerns evil and good deeds. Religion is a human activity that can be easily accepted only within the framework of reality that it creates. If you accept the existence of whatever myth, God, spirit, or supernatural force that a religion proposes, then you can see the logic of all that follows. However, most of the entities, Gods or whatever, that are the basis of religious thought and action cannot have their existence validated by direct observation.

The word “Religion” is sometimes used interchangeably with “Faith.” There are a great many different religions, as well as various points of view within each other. 

Therefore, a philosopher who is making very general comments cannot pretend to be able to define concepts to everyone’s satisfaction. Faith is a set of beliefs, at least some of which are not supported by evidence (or go beyond the available evidence). For many religious people, faith is not something that a person could come to have by sifting through evidence; instead, faith is viewed as “a gift of God”, as something essentially supernatural in character.

Many people insist that science is the only source of the truth. They don’t know the truth and validity of the nature of science. On the contrary, people turn their face from science; they don’t want to see that science has formed civilization as we have right now.

This pettiness is caused by the misunderstanding of the truth of the nature of science. Seeing these two contradictive opinions, we should stand in the middle of them and realize that although science gives us the truth, it doesn’t mean that science is the only truth in this life. There are many kinds of the source of the truth. Life will be very complicated if it is leaned on one way of thinking because religion is beside science. They need each other, as Albert Einstein said that “Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind”.

There is a close relationship between science and religion.  Both of them must walk together, build and complete each other because they can’t be separated. Human reasoning competence can’t be considered a thing with absolute autonomy because there are parts of science development that can’t be elaborated by science itself. Still, it needs an honest answer that is based on religion. Particularly in this globalization era, the relation between science and religion is badly needed, for example, in the energy development sector. The discovery of nuclear power is a great discovery in science. It helps humans to supply energy for human needs. Besides that, it is also instrumental in the medical sector. In this case, moral is needed to anticipate the unwanted thing, such as weapons production to disturb humankind’s life. It shows us that moral that thought in religion is critical too.

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