BASIC COMPETENCIES It is hoped that students will understand the  conception and  application of language usage dealing with its cultural aspects and its objectives. INDICATORS OF COMPETENCY: It is hoped that students will be able to:
1 Understand the  scope of sociolinguistics
2 Know and understand the concept and the instances of  Language variation
3 Understand about  the  Regional and social dialect
4 Understand  about the  concept and the form of Speech acts
5 Understand about the  Language and culture
6 Understand about Language class and social class
7 Understand about language in the perspective of  Sex and politeness
8 Understand the  concept and examples of Code switching and code mixing; borrowing
9 Understand the  concept of  Bilingualism and diglosia
10 Understand the  concept of  Language change, along with the concept of  Pidgin and creole
11 Understand  and make analysis of the concept of National languages and languange planning
12 make a Sociolinguistic analysis

1 The Scope of sociolinguistics in applied Linguistics, The definition of  sociolinguistics;
2 The definition of  language variation ; Restricted code, elaborated code; Idiolect, regional,& social dialect, register, styles; Macro ยต sociolinguistics
3 The definition and the difference between regional andsocial dialect; example and research on regional and social dialect
4 The definition of Speech Act; Locution, illocution, perlocution; Categories of speech act
5 The concept of language and culture; Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
6 The concept of language class dan social class; Unstandard-standard language; Social stratification; Bernstein’s language variation
7 The definition of language in the perspective sex dan politeness;
8 The definition and difference of  ode switching, code mixing, borrowing;
9 The concept of  bilingualism dan diglosia; the difference between them.
10 The concept of language change;  pidgin and creole;
11 The concept of national languages and language planning
12 Conducting sociolinguistic research;
  BIBLIOGRAPHY Chambers, J.K. 1995. Sociolinguistic Theory. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Inc. Holmes, Janet.1992.An introduction to Sociolinguistics. New York: Longman Romaine, Suzanne. 1996. Bilingualism. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. Ltd. Wardaugh Ronald. 1986. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. Inc.

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