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The first shiffat: the yaqin towards kalimah La ilaha Illallah.
It means there is none worth of worship except Allah
Its maqsod:
We remove or take out the greatness of makhluq/ ghoirullah from our heart and put the strong yaqin towards Allah SWT in our heart.
The fadaeles:
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
-Whenever a slave of Allah said La ilaha illallah and died believing in it, he surely entered jannah.
-he who bears witness to La ilaha illallah (there is none worthy of worship except Allah, with his heart verifying his tongue shall enter paradise from any fo its doors he wishes.
-in hadits Qudsi Allah ta’ala says: Indeed I am Allah, there is none worthy worship except Me, he who acknowledges my Oneness enters my fortress, and he who enters my fortress is safe from my punishment.
Muhammadur rasulullah:
It means : hadrat Muhammad PBUH is the messenger of Allah

Its maqsod: there is no other way to achieve true happiness and success except following the sunnah of rasulullah SAW
The fadaeles:
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
-anyone who bears witness that there si none worthy of worship except Allah and that I am his messenger can never neter hell or be burnt by its fire.
-he who holds fast to my sunnah during the time of corruption in my ummah, for him is the reward of martyr.
-he who revives my sunnah has indeed loved me, and he who loves me will be with me in paradise.
The 2nd shiffat: sholat khusyu wal khudzu.
It means perfoming sholat with full concentration and the feeling of humbleness before Allah.
Its maqsod:
Carrying out or bring the shiffat of obedience inside sholat into our daily life.
The fadaeles:
The quranic verse:
Verily shalat restrains (oneself) from immorality (fahsya’) and all that forbidden (munkar) (QS 29:45).
And seek Allah’s help by having the shifat of shabar (patience perseverance) and shalat (prayer).
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
The comfort and delight of my eyes had been placed in shalat.
The 3rd quality: ilm with dzikir:
Ilm means the knowledge from Allah given to rasulullah SAW.
Dzikir means remembering Allah SWT
Its maqsod:
To obey or practice all of the commandments of Allah in anytime and conditions by remembering Allah in any circumstances by following the sunnah of rasulullah PBUH.
The fadaele of ilm;
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
The one who Allah intends goodness, he guides him towards the understanding of deen. Indeed I am only a distributor and Allah is the one who grants.
-Abu dzar r.a narrates that rasulullah SAW told me: O Abu Dzar ! if you go in the morning and learn a verse from the book of Allah (kitabullah), it is better for you than performing one hundred rokaat shalat , and if you go in the morning and learn a chapter of knowledge which may or may not be applicable at that time, it is better for you than performing a thousand rokaat of nafilah sholat.
-whoever walk or take a walk for seeking Islamic knowledge (ilm), therefore Allah SWT will make easy his way to paradise.
The fadaele of dzikir:
Quranic verse:
-without doubt in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find satisfaction (arro’ad 28)
-Then do ye remember Me; I will remember you (albaqarah 152).
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
The example of one who remembering his rabb and the one who doesn’t remember his rabb is like the example of the living and the dead.
The 4th shiffat: ikramul muslimin
It means making ikram to muslim brother
Its maqsod:
Fulfilling the rights of muslim brother without hoping for the return. It is done only for the sake of Allah SWT.
The fadaeles
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
If anyone removes one of the hardships or difficulties of a muslim brother in this world, Allah will remove one of his hardships or difficulties in hereafter, if anyone conceals a fault of muslim brother, Allah will conceal his fault in hereafter, Allah keeps helping a man as long as/as far as he keeps helping his muslim brothers.
The 5th shiffat: taskhihu nniyat:
It means rectifying our intention
It s maqsod:
Rectifying our intentions in every deed or amal only for pleasing Allah or for the sake of Allah SWT.
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
-indeed Allah does not look at your faces and possessions but he looks at your hearts and your deeds.
-verily Allah does not accept any deed except that done sincerely for Him and to obtain his pleasure.
-undobtedly Allah helps this ukmmah ( not because of their abilities an talents but) because of its weakness, by their do’a,shalat and sincerity.
The 6th shiffat: dakwah wa tabligh
Dakwah It means invite tabligh means convey
Its maksod:
To rectify our iman and amal by sacrificing ourselves, time and wealth by inviting people towards Allah SWT.
The fadaeles:
Quranic verse:
And who is better in speech than him who invites (mankind) towards Allah, and does what is right and says, “indeed, I’m a moslem”( those who have surrendered to Allah) fushilat 33).
Hadrat Muhammad SAW said:
-whoever guides others to do good, his reward is like the one who does it.
-a day spent in the path of Allah is better than a thousand of other days not in the path of Allah.
-a morning and an evening spent in the path of Allah, is better than the word and all that it contains.


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