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Revision of citation in Risdianto Effective & Efficient Reading Book

All definition of Skimming, Scanning, Intensive & Extensive Reading were taken from:

Mikulecky,B.S &  Jeffries, L. (1996) More Reading Power: Reading for Pleasure, Comprehension Skills, Thinking Skills, Reading Faster. New york. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

Please write down on your graduating paper:

Mikulecky,B.S & Jeffries, L. as quoted by Risdianto (2012:22) elaborated that...

The explanation dealing The Purpose For Reading was taken from:

Tovani, C. (2000). I Read it, But I Don’t Get it: Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers. Portland, Maine. Stenhouse Publishing.

Please write down on your graduating paper:

Tovani ,C (2000) as quoted by Risdianto (2012:91) stated that.....

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