The 25 Most Common Tips for teachers 1. Start by being firm with pupils
2. Get silence before you start speaking to the class
3. Control the students' entry to the classroom
4. Know & use the students' names
5. Prepare lessons thoroughly and structure them firmly
6. Arrive at the classroom before students
7. Prepare furniture & apparatus before students arrive
8. Know how to use apparatus
9. Be mobile: walk around the class
10. Start the lesson with a "bang" and sustain interest & curiosity
11. Give clear instructions
12. Learn voice control
13. Have additional material for bright and slow students.
14. Look at the class when speaking & learn how to scan
15. Make written work appropriate (e.g. to age, ability, cultural background of students)
16. Develop an effective question technique
17. Develop the art of timing your lesson to fit the available period
18. Vary your teaching techniques
19. Anticipate discipline problems and act quickly
20. Be firm and consistent in giving punishments
21. Avoid confrontations
22. Clarify and insist on YOUR standards
23. Show yourself as a helper or facilitator to the students
24. Don't patronise pupils, treat them as responsible beings.
25. Use humour constructively.

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