bedanya curriculum,approach,method and technique What is Curriculum?
In formal education, a curriculum (plural curricula) is the set of courses, and their content, offered at a school or university. As an idea, curriculum stems from the Latin word for race course, referring to the course of deeds and experiences through which children grow and mature in becoming adults.
sumberipun: Curriculum-wikipedia
What's approach?
In brief, a language learning approach refers to theories about the nature of language and language learning that serve as the source of practices and principles in language teaching. A language learning method is an overall plan for presenting language material, based on the selected approach. A language learning technique is a particular strategem or procedure used to accomplish a particular objective.
An approach is a set of theories and principles,a method is the way you apply these theories and priciples ,and a technique is the tools and the tasks you use to make your method succeed.

other definition:

An approach is a set of assumptions ( Why ) , a method is how to carry out these assumptions and theories ( how ) , techniques are steps to achieve certain goals.

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