Behind the New Look of REGISTER JOURNAL 2017

Dear all netters.

What a happy moment seeing the new look of 
REGISTER Journal this year. The new appearance is more interesting and tidy. Great many thanks to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala who helps us to find kind-hearted people of RJI or RELAWAN JURNAL INDONESIA who help us to customize the default classic weird OJS template to be a beautiful good looking new template.

My best gratitude also give to my sweet enemy, brother Tiga ciduk , The Deviant art Cranenoir , the supreme dictator of MDC (MUSLIM DESIGNER COMMUNITY, brother Sigied Himawan Yudhanto who helping me to create web banner which in line to the philosopy and the aim of the journal. By having all of these I hope within two months between september-october 2017 this new journal will attract and impress the board of examiners of  Online journal accreditation of Kemenristekdikti (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education). Allah Qobul Farma Hai/ May Allah accept our supplication/Do'a. Aamiin.

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