IJIMS JOURNAL IAIN SALATIGA jurnal yang berakreditasi A

IJIMS JOURNAL IAIN SALATIGA OFFICIAL LOGO INDONESIAN JOURNAL OF ISLAM AND MUSLIM SOCIETIES Postgraduate Program State Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN) Salatiga, Indonesia IJIMS dedicates itself to sustain a broader Islamic Studies based on the presupposition that Islam needs to be studied within the context of the dynamic evolution of time and space; there is a need to understand what the texts mean to the way people experience and live their lives. This journal should coverage Islam both as a textual tradition with its own historical integrity and as a social reality which was dynamic and constantly changing. It, therefore, has a defined core of key areas and texts which essentially consist of the classical Islamic sciences, and other areas of both perspectives of humanities and social sciences. The journal also has programs aimed at bridging the gap between the textual and contextual approaches to Islamic Studies; and solving the dichotomy between ‘orthodox’ and ‘heterodox’ Islam. The two were linked: the textual tradition showed that Islam was, as well as a set of religious tenets, a way of approaching the practical economic and social challenges of life. So, the journal invites the intersection of several disciplines and scholars. In other words, its contributors borrowed from a range of disciplines, including the humanities and social sciences. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE: http://ijims.iainsalatiga.ac.id/

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