Mr. Faizal Risdianto


Mr. Faizal Risdianto who well-known as Mr Faizal is one of the lecturer s in IAIN Salatiga. He was born in Jepara on 17th september 1975. Recently, he lived in Pandean, Tasik Madu, Karanganyar. Based on the interview, he was graduated from Sebelas Maret University for both Undergraduate and Post graduate program. He concerned in english literature for his undergraduate program and finished it in the year of 2000. While, for his post graduate program he concerned in Linguistic department. His hobbies are travelling and mostly reading. He was also known as productive writer. More than 25 journals, books, and his essay was published and mostly discuss about linguistic. More over, he was also act as editor of journals.
In the other hand, Mr. Faizal not only master in english linguistic but also good in hindi. He has visited india for many times. For the example, in 2013 he became as one of the participant of symposium entitled “ India-NITT summer diploma in english communication, IT & Networking skills”. It became one of the reasons he able spoke indi.

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