cetak ulang buku READING Pak Faizal

berikut ini adalah ringkasan isi buku keren yang akan dicetak  kedua kalinya bulandepan an tentu saja penjelasannya dalam bahasa Inggris:
  If you know what a fluent reader looks like, it seems logical that you’d know the characteristics of a non-fluent reader. However, students who have reading problems with fluency aren’t necessarily the exact opposite of students who can read fluently. Just like fluent readers, non-fluent reading problems have uniquely identifying characteristics. A non-fluent reader:
 • reads slowly and with difficulty, both orally and silently
. • doesn’t use expression and intonation when he reads out loud.
 • is unable to see and process more than one word at a time.
 • decodes words sound-by-sound rather than by phonemes or context. In other words, non-fluent readers frequently rely on phonics as their sole reading strategy
. • doesn’t always self-correct when something sounds wrong. Instead non-fluent readers often try to “Push Through” just to get done reading more quickly
. • needs to reread text to gain understanding or comprehension. 
Considering above students’ reading problems, this book is the best solution to make easy for the students to have the Effective and Efficient Reading skills and activity. This book is designed in an easiest, systematical and effective form to achieve adequate reading theories and exercises. This book is designed specially for Intermediate-level-students in improving reading skills. I hope this book will be beneficial as the ladder for upgrading the students’ English academic reading competence.
Buat yang penasaran isi sebagian buku silakan download yang ini untuk melihat Bab 1 dari halaman satu sampai 13: CHAPTER 1 EFFECTIVE & EFFECIENT READING BY FAIZAL RISDIANTO  
HARGA BUKU: Rp. 75.000,- belum termasuk ongkos kirim.tentang ongkir bisa dicek via situs TIKI: tiki-online.com.paket favorit adalah ONS=OVERNIGHT SERVICES.paket sehari sampai. send SMS Ke faizal 0856-4201-9501. if you wanna make the  discussion about the content of the book you may contact the writer on  his twitter account twitter.com/pakfaizal or send E-mail to : faizrisd@gmail.com

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