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Money Can’t Buy Happiness — Or Can It?

by abudira  English Yesterday 21:58by: kakashi_sensei  Replies: 448

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Please continue my sentence :D
by abudira Fun with English

22-01-2015 16:09by: Orneocle  Replies: 1,741

views: 10,059   what will you do if you're able to sit at the top of the highest building

by abudira Fun with English  14-08-2014 12:45by: LordKaizer  Replies: 215

Views: 3,299 

Why intelligent people tend to be unhappy?

by abudira English  01-04-2014 11:14by: adtrfans  Replies: 378

Views: 15,545  

Do U agree if smoking will be permanently Prohibited in Public Places

by abudira  English 15-02-2014 15:53by: lickerz  Replies: 471  Views: 9,680

foto gedung bergaya terbalik di ghaziabad,india

by abudira  Pictures  12-10-2013 19:35by: coolish Replies: 16

Views: 711  
Science Can Answer 'What' and 'How', but Not 'Why'.

by abudir


11-09-2013 09:09by: fedreikatelier

Replies: 3

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a very touching sad real story:My mom only had one eye

by abudira


21-12-2012 22:40by: 4999600

Replies: 1

Views: 450

[A STORY] Candy

by abudira

Buat Latihan Posting

24-09-2012 21:50by: abudira

Replies: 0

Views: 112

Yuk, belajar Parts of Speech

by abudira

Buat Latihan Posting

19-09-2012 03:03by: stratocruiser

Replies: 2

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