Dilectio Template


Dilectio Template

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Here’s a nice three column modern artistic Blogger template with some nice bells and whistles. It has a cool search box and “About You” section with a red/orange background along with a custom date/time stamp for each post. This template is only the second one ever to include javascript tabs within the sidebar. That means instead of the page reloading each time you click on a tab, it dynamically clicks over! Check out the live demo to see it in action.

This free Blogger template is also setup for you to easily add Google AdSense and make money from your blog. If you don’t already have Google AdSense, you should read more about how to make money from Blogger and sign-up. The ad format and colors you should use to best match this template are illustrated below. The 300 x 250 rectangle with #fff3e2 for the border and background, #cc0000 for the text, and #856d65 for the title and url. This will make your ad block blend in nicely with the light pink second column.
You’ll also need to setup the header tabs before they appear. Just edit the “top tabs” widget and create the tabs you want. The “Home” tab automatically appears once you create your first tab.
To setup the recent posts and comments cool dynamic tab section you’ll need to paste in your rss feeds. Read this article on setting up your Blogger recent comments and posts section.
The rest of the configuration is pretty straight forward. If your individual blog post date stamp doesn’t show up, you’ll need to make one more change. Go into your Blogger’s “Settings” tab and then click on “Formatting”. Next, change the “Timestamp Format” (it’s the 4th one down) to this format => “Wednesday, February, 2008″. Make sure you change the “Timestamp Format” and NOT the “Date Header Format”. Many people in the past have told me it didn’t work only to find out they were changing the wrong field.
This template was originally designed by Design Disease for WordPress and was converted into Blogger by Blog and Web. eBlog Templates decided to take it one step further and enhance it to include the dynamic header tabs and javascript recent posts and comments tab section.


1/6/08 – Fixed the post image alignment issue. If you’ve downloaded the template prior to this date, you can fix this by editing your existing template. Read this post for instructions.
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