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Personal denial and social rejection are two types of psychological
disorders which have the strongest bond with human. Personal denial
happens when someone has difficulties in making a proper condition for
his inner self, social rejection is a condition in which someone has social
difficulties to suit into a certain environment. Those two things hold a very
important role in forming psychological maturity. Realizing the important
value of learning personal denial and social rejection, a study on personal
denial and social rejection is worth conducted.
This descriptive qualitative study analyzes personal denial and
social rejection reflected in song lyrics. Linkin Park’s song lyrics in their
third album “Meteora” were chosen for this purpose. The objective of this
study is to discover how Linkin Park manifests personal denial and social
rejection through the lyrics in “Meteora”.

The six song lyrics in Linkin Park’s third album “Meteora”, those
are “Easier to Run”,”Breaking the Habit”, and “Don’t Stay” representing
personal denial and “Faint”, “Nobody Listening”, and “Lying from You”
representing social rejection are the data of this final project.
The analysis is conduct based on the data reflecting personal denial
and social rejection. All of the data are in the form of sentences. These
data were gathered from song lyrics mentioned above. I use some books
and references related to the subject matters to get the supporting materials
to complete my analysis. I find that the lyrics were full of personal denial
and social rejection, most of which are reflects implicitly.
The result of the study shows that in “Meteora” album, Linkin
Park describes their personal denial and social rejection related to their
biography.. Personal denial which is describes in the songs reflects the
moments when they had to face several difficulties to solve and some
questions to answer so that they will be able to know about themselves. It
is common that when someone starts to grow up the denial rises up. Social
phenomenon which is called social rejection is described implicitly in the
song. Moreover, Linkin Park themselves also face social rejection in their
time to gain their maturity.
This study is expected to give contribution to the students in
understanding how psychological disorders are. From this study, we can
see that personal denial and social rejection can help people gain their
psychological maturity

Kata Kunci

Personal Denial and Social Rejection Reflected in Linkin Park’s Album ”Meteora

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