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The Corner stone
          Ninja Preneur is not a  private property. Once you open this web address, then automatically the name of Ninja Preneur  will be yours too.  You can give the name of Ninja Preneur on your store, graphic studios, music band, workshop or anything  you are fond of without paying any royalty until doomsday smiley wpd^_^b You can also develop this community in your city. Moreover, you can change the logo of Ninja Preneur the way you like it according to the characteristic of your area. Be creative!. Show the zeal of Muslim to the world and let us hear it and we will post in facebook and other social networks. Make more and more network, having mutual cooperation in doing goodness, trade honesty and again be creative in making Ninja Preneur spread worldwide.
 Dedication  is more important than publication is our motto. This doesn’t mean that publication is unimportant at all but let’s do a particular work by having dedication. Then publication will appear by itself. It is unlike a politician who continuously making publication by his enchanting political campaign, but when he should work, he has no education at all. He just having greed an pursuit for gaining authority. We will prove to the world that we are absolutely not like that.
             Ninja Preneur is a movement community, yeah, a movement which is dedicated fully to all Muslims entrepreneur or businessmen around the world. No matter whether they know it or not, they have a concern or not, but the most important thing is their dedication and enthusiasm for self-reliance and independence. They do not depend on the government in making a living and be the “main gate”  for other people’s living. They work with great seriousness that it is hoped and expected that the other Muslims are able to imitate their zeal and enthusiasm wherever they are.
.              It is a pity that it is very rare to find  today’s  world inspiring Muslim’s businessmen. We get a close and better attachment to popular names like: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Angelo Sotira and Mark Zukerberg. Hopefully  within the next decade later by the movement of Ninja Preneur Everything will be different.
            Why  our  group is called  Ninja Preneur? Such a name which is far from Islamic values, right? Moreover it tends to be colored by Japanese and western culture,  but let’s get back  to  our motto “Dedication is more important than publication” what is the significance of a name?. the most important thing is our hardwork and willingness. However, the name of   Ninja Preneur is still a cool name, right?. I has , in essence, universal nature, insyaAllah.
              The name of Ninja Preneur is derived from two words  that is the word "Ninja" and the word "Preneur" in the capture of the word "entrepreneur" which has the meaningful philosophy, among others are:
               NINJA: a worker who should complete his mission with great enthusiasm and carefulness and he should be concerned with the principle of working silently .Talk less, do more and there is no words like “failure” or “impossible for a a true Ninja. The mission should be succeeded by all means or ways by the principle of achieving maximum results by doing the minimum work. This has to do with the “Insane” Japanese spirit of working. They work  with great passion and never surrender. Any way, I’m not telling you the definition of “Ninja” who has an assassination mission, yeaah, if you want to know more about the history of Ninja please visit
    PRENEUR: is an entrepreneur who has independent and creative-minded mentality, in which his mind  keeps on working to keep the productivity of  his businesses and keeps on giving revenues. Dealing with this I do not explain the meaning entrepreneurs deeper and broader since  I believe beside it’s ineffective and boring  you surely have understood this point  because you're all intelligent Muslims. 
So, by the combination of the term Ninja (I mean, a Moslem Ninja)  and such an entrepreneur  hopefully  we are able to prepare  a group of individuals who are  having strong integrity and  a highly dedicated personality, Never give up and giving inspiration to the world but  they are remained having the character of  low self-esteem, helpful to others based on pure and  intentions. This is so cool and awesome!
            If  Carl Marx was able to make his “weirdo-perverted” manifesto"  why can we make it the same way? In the Manifesto of Ninja Preneur there are five items which is elaborated by the star image on the logo  of Ninja Preneur where  Ninja Preneur has an abbreviation of “NP” and the abbreviation  of  "NP" is also will be code of our five manifesto,  hence there are : 1.NP, 2. ,NP 3. ,NP 4. NP and the last 5. NP, sooo  what ..????  I don’t mean to make all of you guys get confused.  I will explain them one by one  ^_^
1.  NP ( No Problem)
whatever burdensome the problems and obstacles we face ,we should keep saying "No Problem" with great earnestness while searching for solutions to solve these problems with a peaceful heart and cool mind.
2.      NP (Need Pray)
No matter how hard and heroic our effort to accomplish our goals and achievement, we still need a "stimulant" that is “doa” or “prayer”. Yeah, “Prayer” is truly our weapons. Don’t forget that we’re Muslim right!. By struggling which is accompanied by prayer  will make our efforts more easier and blessed by Allah. By merely one important condition that we must "believe", since  that “yakin” or “conviction” will change everything .
3.       NP (Now Playing)
 Ninja Preneur  almost similar to a game, and supposed that we're playing around in order to stay relaxed. , so  remember that whatever we do please “Playing seriously is better than doing a job playfully  so, whatever we do be serious and having fun.
4.      NP (Nice People)
Indeed, we are cheerful and a nice creature for anyone, anywhere and anytime because that's how our religion teaches us, since the best of man is  the one who is useful to others.
5.      NP (NON- Political)
 Well we are not politicians and do not stay in touch with any political movement.
            That's  our  five manifestos us for a meanwhile, although you may say that  this is a “rubbish” manifesto LOL . However, this is just a relative and may be someday will be added and you may also add by yourself, if you want.
How it Works
          It is easy enough  to develop this community. All that we need is  your support. This is  the easiest petition that  you can do. It is just enough for  you to leave a comment below  by the typing  words “YES NP” along with  your E-mail. We also had uploaded  the banner picture in the format of vector and it will be sent at your  E-mail address and you can freely  develop your awesome creativity  by that vector. Even more you can sell them and it’s free from royalty.
       Thus, whatever job we have whether we’re businessmen, employees, farmers, students of university  even more an unemployment we should make our occupation and status  as a means to achieve happiness in  hereafter and continue the struggle of the Prophet  Muhammad PBUH and  his companions and seek the love of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala, Aameen
             Ninja preneur will also be a cozy place to hangout for creating  work. It is why  the website of will be born as a showcase of your creativity and you may make any objects or entities  dealing with Ninja Preneur and of course it should be based on your free imagination as the way you like it. The most important thing is that there should be no pornography which then will be uploaded at , and at our Ninja Preneur Facebook FanPage
Ninja Preneur is a Ninja movement  which supports entrepreurship to Muslims around the world  by the use of  arts media and the  like.

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