if U really love your wife…

Namecheap.com dear all netters
when I was window shopping at a moslem owned- perfume store in new delhi the shop owner gave my a nice suggestion.
Shop owner: brother, why don’t u try this one? this is so special.
me ; special in what case,Sir?
shop owner: the fragrance of this is so excellent.it’s not to hard.it has a milder smell
me ; is this suitable for meri biwi (my wife)?
shop owner: yeah.that’s right.I think if U really love your wife you should buy this one (mulai deh rayuan-maut.com)
by showing him a smiling face I told him.
me: Sir, I HAVE and REALLY loved my wife but I think I’ll buy this in small portion just for trial.
shop owner: a trial? don’t make a trial in making ikrom/giving honor/respect to apke biwi (istrimu)..if u really love your wife u should buy the best one…
(wew, a really ineresting marketing and pragmatics approach. it’s almost similar to the expression of “sayang anak -sayang anak”" when a steert vendor is trying to sell his shaun or barbie dolls to parents.

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