Namecheap.com When the Russian astronauts were first in space, they mockingly said, “Look! There is no God here”. Indeed, those who believed in God have never said that God is in space.

Christians, for example, believe that God is in Heaven; other believers may have different opinions as to where God is. But one thing they have in common is that God exists in this universe. A Moslem philosopher illustrates the existence of  Allah  in this universe as the existence of soul in our body. We do not know for sure in which part of the body the soul is--- in the head, chest, or limbs? But we know that those parts are living --- they move and develop – we can feel it. The soul is there, everywhere in our body.

It is quite similar to the existence of  Allah  in this universe. Everywhere we can see His creations – on green land, in the blue sky, even in the blackest deep on the oceans or in the centre of the earth. Allah is only one, but He is there, everywhere in this world; there is nothing resemble Him. Allah is very close to those who have faith in their hearts.

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