A story about "Krambil" (old coconut)

(When I was young in the year of 2000 , saiki wis old man :)

One day in madukawan, Pamekasan, madura, I met some pakistani men who were joyfully eating "Krambil" (old coconut).
They looked so happy in eating it.For Your info, In Pakistan "Krambil"and  "Pepaya" are belong to rare expensive fruits.
I ever met one pakistani man who said "Brother faishol, I think you're not my brother". I said to him, "How can it be? I'm your brother in Islam". then again he replied, :"yesterday you have promised that you will buy me pepaya but you forget about it". ( ya Allah Gusti cuma pengen makan kates/pepaya wae bilang YOU'RE NOT MY BROTHER. Benar2 pengalaman paling kadir, kirun dan rustam (maaf kalo ada nama rustam disini :)

ok .back to the topic of A story about KRAMBIL
I met then under the tree eating krambil with euphoria and great enthusiasm.
one of them said to me, "challo (come on) Brother Faishol, let's eat this fresh old coconut.
this is very delicious.in pakistan if we have this one we will eat with all the members of the family, cut this into some slices/pieces and happily eating our part.
this is a precicious and fresh fruit".
I just smiled coz I could not imagine eating that fruit treated as if it was similar to the joy of eating "yummy" washington apple or "the luxurious" durian .
I said to him, "No, brother :). in my place that's one of the ingredients for cooking". this will make me KREMINEN (cacingan :).
then he asked me curiously,"What's KREMINEN"
I smiled again, "Nothing. Kreminen means "bohot acha=good :)

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