ESET Nod32 Username dan Password (12 Oktober 2011)
Username: EAV-51442073
Password: kff864t7cx
Username: EAV-51442423
Password: j5xaatujkv
Username: EAV-51445180
Password: h2fpkva6rt
Username: EAV-51621321
Password: jhtbvm22xn
Username: EAV-51621325
Password: fjahp3a5ed
Username: EAV-51621328
Password: uuabdpvhh4
Username: EAV-50866469
Password: tjuuf83hxb
Username: EAV-50962895
Password: bt2rfd6648
Username: EAV-51075723
Password: 4h77vc637b
Username: EAV-51206098
Password: 7fjmcdx4pd
Username: EAV-51366946
Password: 5e3ab3ence
(dari berbagai sumber)

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