a unique love letter

What if your heart is a system, Then I will scan you to find out which ports are open so that there is no doubt when I do “c:\>netcat.exe -l -o -v -e” to your heart, but I only dare to ping behind an anonymous proxy. Is this feeling is called fall in love so that make me like a loser or that maybe I am indeed a pure loser! pure lame, or whatever!
What if your heart is a system,
I feel like I want to take an advantage of your vulnerabilities, use a PHP injection like r57shell or something like that so that I can do “ls -la; find / -perm 777 -type d” so that I know that in your heart there is a folder that can be written or do I have free space there? Do I really need to install a back-door “Remote Connect-Back Shell” so I just wait for connections from you, I do not get wasted like this.
What if your heart is a system,
When all my requests are received, I will keep always stay in bugtraq to know your new bugs and I will patch and always patch the system. I will try to keep your service to avoid crash and I will became your firewall. I will install ports entry, and setting your error page “THE PAGE CAN NOT BE FOUND BECAUSE HAS BEEN OWNED BY  SOMEONE , NOW GET OUT!!” I promise that there will be no potential malicious program or hidden service, because I really care and love you.
What if your heart is a system,
Do not have the words “YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO ACCESS IT” for me, if not, I will ping flood or DDos attack to you … !! You must be my angel savior.
What if your heart is a system,
Please put the words by echo “Hacked By  Malcode” with a lot of hacker images in GIF file and with eccentric black background and design so that everyone knows me that I am your administrator, I am your root or I am already get root of you. To let everyone knows that I really care and love about you.
What if your heart is a system …. ?
But unfortunately, your heart is not a system
You are angel in my dream, which has been ruin my system !!
One day later, I will come and say that in my heart already infected with the wandering viruses.
There is no anti-virus can heal it except…..YOU.

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