Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011


TitleSizeSubmitted byRatingDate
A brief history of communism in Russia(ANIMAL FARM) 805KBHelen Trevizo***15/05/06
A Christmas Carol318KBFran Roberts***10/12/07
A Sound of Thunder2.4MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
Animal Farm4.5MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
Animal Farm1 403KBOW Holmes***14/10/05
Animal Farm2
 403KBM White***14/10/05
Anthem540KBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
Child literature502KBTracy Bean***23/3/07
Dante's Inferno2.3MB ****7/3/05
Drama2.4MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
Holes Letter to Stanley's mum131KBJames Chambers***9/5/10
Holes Reply to stanley's letter108KBJames Chambers***9/5/10
Jane Eyre6.9MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
Lord of the Flies237KBJohn Duffy***7/07/07
Macbeth322 KBE Kaye**14/7/04
Macbeth Openings 58KBJ Stoner**14/10/05
Of Mice and Men4.6MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
Of Mice and Men Loneliness and isolation862KBSteve***14/12/04
Of Mice and Men. Themes-violence57KBSteve***14/12/04
Of Mice and Men. Themes-The American Dream148KBSteve***7/3/05
Of Mice and Men. Exam Questions. Steve36KBSteve***7/3/05
Pencil Poem 1.3MBPeter L***29/12/05
Poetry Power Point Presentation Observation, + lyrics to Coldplay, +official lesson plan to Viva la Poetry!1.4MB, 24KB, 32KBSarah Lewis***09/02/10
Pride and Prejudice 1.9MBChris Davies****1/4/06
Pride and Prejudice-Characters Revealed 1 to 6170KBNoreen****2/11/08
Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen2.1MBNoreen****2/11/08
Pride and Prejudice-Lit Terms1.8MBNoreen****2/11/08
Romeo and Juliet621KBMichelle***17/10/04
Romeo&Juliet Quotes450KBTricia****7/3/05
Rhyme and meter148KBAHS**7/3/05
Shakespeare's life211KBJeff**14/10/05
Shakespeares language211KBRoger O***17/3/05
The Ideal Society494KBKelli Hicks***15/1/07
The Crucible1.2MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
The Lady, or the Tiger7.6MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
The Masque of the Red Death2.4MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
To Kill a Mockingbird2.2MBLisa Ward*****19/2/09
The Fall of Icarus292KBKelli Hicks***25/12/06
The Raven62KBAnna Connolly***15/2/07
The Trumpet of the Swans231KBTammy***14/12/04
Unlocking Macbeth205KBNFDL***17/3/05
What is literature182 KBGCMS**14/7/04

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