Some people consider blogging as a waste of time, some people think that it’s a way to run from reality, but for real bloggers it’s absolutely not true. In fact, some people are serious about blogging by developing a business which they want to grow and some of them consider it as just a hobby, a creative way of expressing ideas. Blogging is something that you can start as long as you like to learn and share information. You can even start it without spending so much capital.
Particularly, blogging has many benefits that I have enjoyed, it does come with a price, time and energy to do it, but you can get much by doing it with enthusiasm and persistence. I don’t have much hope on the returns in terms of money (monetizing) but I do have experienced the benefits of it in terms of personal development and growth.
In this writing, I will distribute the six benefits of blogging as a hobby and blogging as a business. Both of them will help you to improve your personal growth.

1. Media of Self-actualization
One of human essential needs is a need to be recognized. The need of other’s appreciation of his existence. He want to show who he is, what he is thinking about what the things he likes and hates most. By having a blog, we are able to facilitate that, within the reach of a global scale. By blogging and the support a variety of web application on the world wide web, one can now actualizes himself in a various media (text, image, graphics, video, audio, slides presentations, etc.) which can be accessed by "everyone around the world who connected to the Internet '.
2. Personal Branding
Personal Branding or self-positioning based on what the things you can do, makes people think of you when they face on particular topics. It is something which so significant and vital in the modern world. Who is the person do you remember when you hear the phrase "the Father of Indonesian Bloggers"? The answer is so clear: Enda Nasution! Who’s the father of Indonesian Internet”? The reply is: Onno W.Purbo! Imagine if a potential client says, "Who is the one I can hire to solve this problem” and then they remember your name? By having blog and the right strategy, you can tell everybody in the world (which is connected to the Internet network, of course) what kind of expertise you have and why they should contact you when they think about one issue that must be resolved.

3. A Media for your Campaign
Blogging is one of unique and outstanding activities in cyberspace. By applying right strategy (Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques) you can bring Internet users to your blog and make them read what you are promoting and campaigning.

4. Getting a New Relationship
It is the great tendency of people that they always look for other people who have similar interests. Create a blog dealing with the topic you are being interested in, and visitors who have the same topic like you will come to you. They can comment on the post in your blog and can give response or feedback. If the conversations occurred on your blog post, it will open the opportunities for the right relationship. Tip: Create a useful writing (it is better if it is the most inspiring) and place it on your Facebook link profile. People will flock to add your FB account. The majority of blogs have a comment feature on each article. This facilitates the person to give response to what you write. Other people's opinion is one valuable thing in life right?

5. Effective Media Sharing
After taking so much time and getting enjoyment for downloading articles and files sometimes we just want to share what we know and the articles and files we have to others. In my own experience as an active internet user after downloading many useful articles and files for English learning I have the idea of sharing it to the world. You can visit my blog at if you want to download English audio and video learning materials. If you have the same idea like me, believe me that a single blog can facilitate your desire for sharing.

6. Earning Money
Well, I think many people have already known about this. There are two ways to get income from the internet:
* Direct Income - Your blog has become a 'source of money' you. You should make the update of your blog content with high quality entries, then increase the traffic visitors of your blog, and please do the monetization. You can do it by selling the 125x125 pixels banner spots (but it has been already not very effective anymore it seems), the Service of Pay-Per- Click, Pay-Per-Post, Paid-To-Review, , or you may directly display the photos and sell the products on your blog.
* Indirect Income - use your blog as a medium of the promotion of your business and yourself. Visitors come to your blog, get impressed with yourself and your portfolio, and then they hopefully contact you for further business deal.

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