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The term”Guru” comes from the Indian language which means the one who teaches about the deliverance from misery. Rabinranath Tagore (1986-1941), using the term “Shanti Niketan” or “peace” to the noble task of practicing teachers in developing children's spirituality of India (spiritual intelligence).In Arabic, the teacher known as al-Mua'allim or al-Ustadz which will provide knowledge in MajelisTa’lim (places to acquire knowledge).
Understanding teachers then get wider, not only limited in context of science that is spiritual intelligence and intellectual intelligence, but also about   jasmaniyah or kinesthetic intelligence (bodily kinesthetic), such as dance teacher, sport teacher, and music teacher.
In general terms, people do not have difficulty in explaining who the teacher and the figure of the teacher. People simply know that the teacher is a profession associated with the education of children in schools, in educational institutions, and those who must master the instructional materials contained in the curriculum. Whether in employment or as a profession, teachers are always referred to as one of the main components of education is very important. Thus, teachers are not only known formally as an educator, teacher, coach, mentor, but also as a social agent is hired by society to help facilitate members of society who attend school. In this paper, I will discuss about the role of teacher in the future along with technological development.
The roles of teacher are specific behaviours that are characteristic of a teacher. Professional role of teachers will result in outputs that have a professional role as well. This shows how teachers have a very important role in learning. The argument about the role of teacher came from Tony Buzan, an expert of mind-mapping. Here is his note about the role of a teacher in the future:
1.      Teacher is primarily responsible for the future.
The role of a teacher here is how to use 'power' is to be significant, because this is a curse and at the same time a blessing to be a teacher.
2.      Teacher is the rescuer of human creativity.
It is based on research done by Tony Buzan. This research calculates human creativity at a certain age level. The result was quite interesting. Creativity score was 95  plus on a level of  kindergarten   75 on an elementary school student level, junior and senior high student level 50, and college student level 25 and adults 10 (there is even a minus!).This is because of the failure of education, this failure occured  since according to him “proper and good education will not fail to develop human creativity. Tony said that if education and learning process is done properly, then it should be the human brain that will become-the more creative-the better-development with the human age. It can be shown by the 'genius' in history.  Leonardo da Vinci or Thomas Edison had found more and more 'findings' at the age of 'twilight'. One recent example is in Italy, Rita Levi Montalcini, Nobel laureates in medicine scientist who has been a in a century old (exactly   on April 20, 2009).
3.      Teacher has the privilege of helping the students mine the gold mind.
The human developed from one era to another era. Start from 10 thousands years ago was Agrarian era, 200 years ago was an industrial era, 50 years ago was an information era, seventeen years ago was knowledge and sciences era, and now is mind-mapping era. In this era, we will search the way how to manage the information. We will use the “manager” of knowledge (brain). It will be very effective, if we can manage our brain to do the mind-mapping to increase our ability.
4.      Teacher is the person who helps the students nurtures the gardens of multiple intelligences.
Human beings are in the multiple intelligence era now. In this era, a teacher must understand the way how to integrate the teaching and learning process in a good manner, so that the students have a chance to develop all of their intelligence.

5.      Teacher is shepherd of daydreams who works with students to help make it come true.
Belongs to Tony Buzan, daydreams are a skill in human brain. Especially, the skill of right  brain. So, the teacher must guide his/her students to use the daydreams in learning process to develop the work of the right brain.

6.      Teacher is the person who launches the child on the exploration of its own infinite universe.
A task of a teacher here, knows the way how to make the left brain and the right brain have a balance work. It will be very useful to find the unlimited creativity from the students.
From the roles of teacher that was mentioned above, we know that there are many roles of teacher. In the future, the role of teacher may  be will change. However, the role of a teacher is still needed because the public demands of its citizens to master science and technology in all areas of life. It is important for us, as a candidate of teacher to know it.
Finally, I can conclude that  the main roles of a teacher are, establishing order and facilitating learning. The matters which are included in the order are the discipline of students in the class, the interaction between students and teachers, managing the material, the learning environment, etc. the facilities for teaching and learning process like classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and microteaching’s rooms.
Along with the globalization era, the roles of teacher have changed. I have opinions about the changes, they are:
·         As a knowledge deliveryman, the main source of information, the sources of answers become a learning facilitator, a trainer, a collaborator, and a friend for students in the learning activity.
·         As a manager of teaching and learning process become an alternative for students in learning process.  Furthermore, the development of teachers’ education must give an attention to globalization with all of the consequences. A candidate of teacher must be a professional man. He/she must have academic competency, personal competency, and social competency.
·         A teacher in the future must have good attitudes, skills, and knowledge to grow the motivation of students and to develop the professionalism.

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