Soraya Azmi Widyananda
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Indians speak Hindi and Urdu in their communication, besides English as the official language. Although they have similarity in the pronunciation of words especially, both of them also have some differences. Hindi is the most widely spoken in India. Its characters and most words come from “Sanskrit” that is the language of ancient India. It is same with the language that is used in Indonesia’s ancient kingdom because Sanskrit is the original Hindu language. For example, the word Pyaar in Hindi means Love, Khuda means God and Aankhein means Eyes. They absolutely have no similarity in vocabulary with the other languages because of the original one.
In contrast, Urdu is also spoken in India, in spite of being the official language of Pakistan. It is originally a dialect of Hindi. Unlike Hindi which uses Sanskrit’s Devanagari alphabet, Urdu uses the Arabic alphabet. Moreover, most of its vocabularies are adopted from Arabic. It is why; most of Urdu words sound like Arabic and have the same meaning as well. For example, the word Mohabbat means Love (Mahabbah in Arabic), Rabba means God (Robb in Arabic) and Naainoon means Eyes (‘Ainun in Arabic). Perhaps, it is adopted by Muslims in India.
However, it is also quite difficult to select directly which one is Hindi or Urdu because Indians often mix them in their speaking. It is like the sentence; Tu hi meri yeh baarkaat that means You are my blessing (Lyrics from Tujh Mein Rabb Dikhta Hai song). Moreover, in daily communication, people in India mix Hindi and Urdu with English as well. For example, I don’t know kya ho gaya that means I don’t know what that is (Lyrics from My Adorable Darling song). Therefore, India seems have three official languages; Hindi, Urdu and English

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