David Baldacci's the Winner

Title                  : The Winner
Author             : David Baldacci
Publisher         : A Viacom Company, 1998 in Australia
Pages                : 514
Language        : English
Synopsis          : (Marisa Fran Lina/TBI 2009/11309039)

            Jackson looked for someone to be the winner of national lottery in USA. Then, he found an unwed woman, namely Lu Ann. He chose her because he found Lu Ann was hopeless but she wanted to make her daughter’s life (Lisa) happier in the future. Someday, Lu Ann got a piece of paper in her bag. She didn’t realize that Jackson put in her bag. This paper is about Jackson phone number. Then, Lu Ann called him and Jackson asked Lu Ann to come to his house. In Jackson’s house, he told Lu Ann to agree with his agreement to be the next winner of national lottery. Lu Ann didn’t agree with it, because she is afraid that police would know about it then sent her into a prison. So what about Lisa? Probably, this business has the close connection to  political crime. Consequently, she didn’t want to take a risk. Finally, Jackson gave her an occasion to think, 2 days later at 10 A.M she must decide it. Obviously, if Lu Ann disagreed with it, Jackson had a plan to kill her.
            On the day Lu Ann must decide, she got a serious problem. Actually, she would say no to the agreement, but something happened. When she backed to her trailer where she lived with Duane her boyfriend, she found him dead. Lu Ann was very surprised. She decided to get out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there was someone wanted to kill Lu Ann. He had killed Duane. Lu Ann knew that her life was threatened. They stroke each other. Finally, she made the killer unconscious and probably dead in her self-defense.

            In her confusion, she called Jackson and said yes toward the agreement at 09.50 am. It hasn’t been late yet! Lu Ann wanted to escape from suspicions of the assassins. But she didn’t tell it to Jackson. After that, Jackson sent her into New York. The lottery winner will be announced there.
Lu Ann arrived at New York and she was picked up by Charlie, one of Jackson workers. He served Lu Ann very well. She lived in a luxurious house with many facilities inside.
On the day of the announcement, Lu Ann watched clearly a lottery machine was rotated and finally her number was appeared and she became the winner of national lottery. She would own $ 100.000.000. After a press conference that made Lu Ann became popular in USA, she asked Jackson to get out from USA. Because she was afraid that police would catch her about the assassins. Jackson agreed with it and he knew that Lu Ann had a serious problem. Afterward, Jackson made an agreement about the money of lottery. Lu Ann couldn’t own it within 10 years, because Jackson would invest it. But, he promised that he would provide everything to Lu Ann included if she went around the world. Lu Ann agreed it hard.
In airport, there were many police to prevent Lu Ann went abroad. But, Jackson changed Lu Ann appearance totally. He also made the passport with the different photo of Lu Ann and the name was Catherine Savage. Finally, Lu Ann passed it successfully. On the plane, she met Charlie and they together enjoy their life in abroad, Lu Ann was very happy because she would made Lisa’s future became brighter.
10 years later Lu Ann decided come back to US without Jackson knew about it. She was helped by Charlie to buy a luxurious house in Virginia namely Wicken Hunts.  She lived in disguising, because she was still afraid about assassin events 10 years ago. On the other hand, Lisa became 10 years old beautiful girl like her mother. She was being able to speak in 4 languages as a result of following her mother went around the world. There, Lu Ann met a handsome and nice boy namely Riggs. She felt in love with him. Riggs was a agent of FBI who disguised as a professional carpenter. He always helped Lu Ann in every problem; consequently, they felt in love each other. It sometimes made Charlie a slightly jealous, although Lu Ann didn’t marry with anyone.
Apparently, there was someone who was doing a research about national lottery winners. He was Donovan, he was a popular journalist who got many achievements. He suspected toward the entire lottery winners who all of them never pay national tax. Then, finally he found Lu Ann who 10 years ago was suspected as a murderer. He focused in this Lu Ann’s case. He wanted meet her and asked everything about lottery winner and who was in the behind of it.
On the other hand, Jackson knew that Lu Ann had come to US. It was forbidden, and Lu Ann disobeyed the rule. Then, Jackson looked for some information where she lived. By his skill in disguising he got the information easily. One day, suddenly he appeared in Lu Ann bedroom when she was from her bathroom. Lu Ann was very surprised and frightened. Jackson threatened Lu Ann to look for some information about Riggs. If she didn’t, Jackson would kill all of people in the house. Jackson was worried that somebody would reveal his secrets and crimes, because he successfully produced many billion dollars from entire lottery winners. Lu Ann agreed worriedly. After Jackson left, she went to Charlie and told him about Jackson. She wanted Charlie and Lisa left the house and moved to another safe place. Charlie did it soon. Tomorrow morning, Riggs visited Lu Ann when she was receiving a call from someone who knew about the secret of lottery winner. He was Donovan and would meet Lu Ann. Riggs wanted help her but Lu Ann didn’t want to make Riggs in dangerous. Lu Ann determined to meet Donovan, although she was afraid too about Jackson that would kill Donovan if he knew. Riggs bugged Lu Ann’s Car so he knew what they were talking about.
After that, Lu Ann must make a report about Riggs to Jackson. They meet in a mysterious place. Lu Ann hidden a small revolver in her pocket to protect her if Jackson wanted to kill him. She lied to Jackson about Riggs, because she was afraid that he would kill Riggs. In front of the house, a car came. Apparently, it was Riggs who followed Lu Ann. When Jackson wanted to kill Lu Ann, Riggs hit Jackson. They fought for Jackson. He almost died when Riggs wounded him and Lu Ann pulled his mask so she knew Jackson’s original face. He is very dreadful and he is a psycho. Unfortunately, Jackson could escape himself.
After the incident, Riggs and Lu Ann moved to a motel that was near from FBI office. Riggs asked his boss to help in catching Jackson and protect Lu Ann’s family. His boss agreed.
In the following day, Jackson has been recover and had a plan to kill Donovan. He disguised as one of the lottery winners who had an interview with Donovan. When, Donovan was inattentive, Jackson shot him in his chest and he was died. On the other hand, Jackson’s workers found Charlie’s place where he lived with Lisa. He was going to kill them.
In a hotel, Charlie called Lu Ann that he and Lisa are alright and they would meet Lu Ann tomorrow. After that, Charlie got a call from Jackson who disguised his voice as Riggs. He told Charlie that police had caught Jackson successfully. Charlie was very happy then he packed the stuffs and would go and meet Lu Ann. When he opened the door, Jackson appeared in front of him, and then he shot him and burnt the hotel. Charlie was still alive hard and tried to protect Lisa. But, Jackson successfully brought Lisa. In his remained power, Charlie made a call…
In the mean time, Lu Ann had a dream that Jackson caught and brought Lisa. She believed her mother’s feeling because she loves Lisa than herself. She told Riggs to come to Lisa but Riggs becalmed Lu Ann not to be worried and everything is gonna’ be alright.
In the morning, Lu Ann and Riggs came to see Charlie and Lisa. But the hotel was so dreadful. There were only ruins of the house. Lu Ann shouted and cried. She guessed Jackson had killed Charlie and Lu Ann. Riggs called to his boss in FBI. Apparently, when Charlie almost died he made a call to police then police came and sent him to hospital. Lu Ann alleged that Lisa was in her house with Jackson. At midnight, she escaped from Riggs and went to her house. She entered her pass word to open the door. She directly and slowly went to her bedroom. She found Lisa. Unfortunately, Jackson was there and standing behind him. They fight each other. Finally, Jackson was wounded and Lu Ann escaped immediately. In front of her house there are many FBI agents and she saw Riggs and Charlie. Lu Ann and Lisa were safe but Jackson tried to run away. So Riggs and Charlie ran and chased him into the forests behind Lu Ann’s House. They tried to kill one another, but finally, Jackson was killed.
Afterward, Lu Ann could live safely and securely. Her case 10 years later wasn’t her fault. She didn’t kill a man who had killed Duane. She only made him in unconscious when she tried to defense herself. Apparently, there was someone who worked for Jackson to kill Lu Ann, had been kill him. Lu Ann was very happy because she could use her original name and never afraid about police. Although, she  must give her luxurious house and car to pay her tax, but she still got her money $ 100.000.000 in her bank account after she was waiting in 10 years. Consequently, she was still a rich woman. Then, she decided to go to Switzerland with Riggs to enjoy a honeymoon. Definitely, she would go with her lovely daughter and nice Charlie. She is very happy, because she lived with 2 boys that loved her so much.

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