my most memorable blogs which have unique interestingness Hi there!
                 In this lovely moment I'd like to tell you about my most memorable blogs which have unique interestingness. I'll start with the oldest one: enda nasution's blog. this blog is so famous because Enda is popularly known as the father of Indonesian Internet.the 2nd one :ARS PERSONAL WEBLOG VER.04, An islamic blog which shared islamic and IT articles. the funny thing I remember was a moment when I tried to view the html source of the blog and it stated there "(___ Hahaha... ngiri ni yee.. sampe mo nyontek script segala! Belajar donk biar pinter! ^_^ ________". a very expressive and impressive one. the 3rd one: the blog of jonru. from this blog I learnt how to write and know basic html code. the 4th:the blog of zawa. in this blog I got interest in his flash game on top banner. he's so creative in making flash banner, game and design. the 5th is :, the blog of my former student who taught me SEO and how to install a self hosted in wordpress blog. then the last one, the 6 and 7th are : blog cacing kepanasan and raditya dika. both of them had been published and surely radiyadika's is being the most popular and the funniest one.

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