Two Important points for a teacher There are two thing that I have concluded in the process of may teaching experience. this may be useful for lecturer and teacher wherever you are..
1. Learning is an emotional experience.The heaviest task of a teacher is making a good situation for students that enable them to study in comfortable situation. He or she should try to motivate his or her students to have a good feelings in joining lessons and courses. If this point is ignored I'm afraid there will be a failure in the learning achievement of them.

2. The basic character of learning is individual.In my experience having a class more than 20 students is not a good example of class management. it's very difficult to make all of them comprehend the material since the class is to massive and crowdy. by having the number of students of 20 or fewer than it, the teaching and learning will attain good result since the teacher can give greater and more spesific attention to each of his or her students.
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